Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

On the Road Again

We think the SKP Resort is a pretty park, well maintained and pleasant looking. It is always sad to leave somewhere nice but when we get the ‘ignition switch twitch’, we gotta move on! We decided to take the state highways instead of the interstates. From Wauchula to Dade City, the citrus groves were loaded with fruit in various stages of harvest. Once we were out of the citrus growing areas, the ride along highway 19 from Crystal River to Perry Florida was a little depressing. Many businesses closed, homes either abandoned or should be abandoned! It appears that the current economy has had it’s affect on this area!

The total trip from Wauchula Florida to Summerdale Alabama was 550+ miles so we decided to stay in one of our favorite overnight stops – WalMart! It is difficult to find ones in Florida that permit overnight parking but we found an online site that helped us find the one in Perry Fl. It was convenient and easy in and out AND, it had a Sonic drive in right next door so I didn’t have to cook dinner!

We drove through lots of rain on our way to Alabama but as we neared, it subsided so we didn’t set up in the stuff! Arriving at The Plantation was like a homecoming, so many familiar faces and stories to catch up on! We got the usual SKP reception with hugs all around when we checked into the office. Pat heard us arrive and came to say hello! It is nice to be here.

All set up and armed with the activity calendar, we set about organizing ourselves in time for happy hour in the clubhouse and getting to the sign up sheets in time for the soon to be events! Of Course, my favorite event is the eating out sign up sheet! There’s a lunch here and a lunch there and of course the 3 meals a week they serve in the clubhouse! Friends from Ontario are having a 65th birthday celebration and I swear I heard them say lunch on them at McGuire’s in Pensacola. I’ll take a few bucks with us anyway, after all their name is O’Brien – that could explain why we’re going to McGuire’s!

The activities here – I’m just not sure what to sigh up to – line dancing, quilting, beading, crocheting, woodcarving, BINGO and so many more – oh so many to choose! I think I’ll stick to the dining out ones, as you’ve probably noticed; I haven’t missed too many meals! Barb of course is in her element, crafts, sewing, seeing her buds from last time we were here.

There is one craft that interests me though. We are late arrivals so I need to find an old caned chair that needs repairing and the gents will teach me how to re-cane the seat and back. Several chairs were found in November and a project was set up as a fund raiser for the campground by repairing the chairs and then auctioning them off. So we’re off to the used furniture and thrift shops to see if I can get involved with this neat craft.

Until next time, keep well and warm out there…..


  1. im confused ,you say you need to be caned ?? hehe i thought that went out a long time ago ,,anyways always doing something,we are jealous,but again we should be there ,i guess,have a great time and be very very careful you dont overwork you poor self ,,luv ya both ,,ttyl and huggs..

  2. did you get the 100 dollar burger ,,or just the 10 dollar one ,,hehe ,,will have to go there someday and see the irish way of the party time place..okk ttyl and huggs