Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Outside Again

Whew, we’re tired already and we’ve only been here for a couple of weeks! Saturday, a dozen of us drove over to McGuire’s in Pensacola to celebrate Carolyn’s birthday and had a great time! The food was good and reasonably priced and the company was exceptional! Of course, since we were near a fabric and craft store, the men were out voted and we had to stop and browse. The saving factor was that the store closed at 3PM (on Saturday – what’s that) and we didn’t have a lot of time to be ‘window’ shopping too much.

On Sunday, the 3 Ontario couples formed a click and went out to Big Daddy’s for lunch. Life is good; we got a good table outside in the sunshine over looking the Fish River – how much better can it get without wining a lottery? Of course, we couldn’t not go to the Ice Cream social at the club house – we had to know how the plans are progressing for the Mardis Gras festivities! More eating and more partying and a parade!

Monday brings us back to the club house for more crafts. Barb is learning how to make a tooth brush mat. It’s not for your tooth brush but was made in earlier times with the old wooden tooth brushes. Back in the day, when the bristles wore out, the ladies would file the head down and use the hole in the handle for their eye of the needle and weave a rug using old rags etc. I continued on with my caning project on the seat of the old chair. With the progress I am making, I should have it completed this week and then work on varnishing the other parts. It is looking real good and I’m impressed with my own handy work!

Tuesday night was an opportunity to gain some culture! The Baldwin Pops were performing at the Fairhope Civic Centre. It is free admission which fits my pocket book just fine! Ross, Pat, Barb & I found seats near the front and enjoyed an evening of wonderful music and great entertainment. The row behind us was full of other Escapee members from the park. We all know a bargain deal when we see one!

Wednesday, we took an afternoon off from our craftiness and took the kayak over to the Fish River and paddled around for an enjoyable, relaxing afternoon on the river! It was wonderful to be out there, lots of sunshine and warm temps! Here is a picture from Google Earth of our kayak trip. The red line is our route!

Thursday was a trip day. We departed the campground around 11AM and returned around 9PM. We drove over to Pensacola Fl., then south – yes you can still go south – to Santa Rosa Island and the Gulf Islands National Sea Shore. Lots of sand and lots of condo type homes on stilts! We didn’t see as many shore birds as we did when we were in Rockport Texas last year – we wondered if that was due to the oil spill! They (not sure who) are still picking up tar balls which are a result of the oil spill. The beach was closed with posted warning signs stating that there is still oil under the surface of the water and is hazardous to your health. I guess we took our bathing suits for nothing – ya right!

Friday morning, we say farewell to our new friends Ross & Pat from Lindsey, Ontario as they head off for more adventures. We have good memories from their stay here and hope we meet up with them again down the road.

Hope all is well where you are.


  1. still up to our butts in snow and cold ,,but enough of our woes,we sure do like to read about your adventures ,,cept maybe i dont get any ice cream hehe,,gr8 blog as always ,,tty and huggs from us in the big great north

  2. we just got about 2 inches of rain to help us plow the snow away here ,,hoping you guys have lots of warm sunny weather .. is there golf nearby ??,,oh i got some beads for barb .. will give them to her in person,, mardi gras beads ,u know how to get them right hehe..ok huggs and ttyl. luv from us 2

  3. Rock on. Thanks for being there, I know Carolyn appreciated it. No wonder they built roads, the fish river winds all over the place. See you at 4 o'clock.

    Hot enough for you?