Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Love Being in LA (Lower Alabama!)

Busy, busy and more busy! Between the crafts, lunches out and happy hour, we’re outta our PJ’s way earlier! The park has been very busy with rigs going and new ones coming in. It’s been full couple of times but lots of spaces left as I write this. I’m sure that it will fill up quickly and soon as the park’s Mardis Gras 5 day celebration nears!

Barb has returned to the quilting group, pine needle basket sessions and the wood carvers. She has also joined a couple of new crafty sessions to learn something new. We both learned how to weave on sticks! Look out all badge vendors! Now that I know how to make the lanyards that are so popular for rally goers to use for their ID badges, we’ll be rich!

We spent a day wandering around thrift shops, flea markets and used furniture joints looking for a chair that I could use to learn how to re-cane the seat or back! There was one beat up, rickety rocker that would have been perfect but the guy wanted $40! I was thinking maybe $10 and never did the twain meet! Whew! There are none to be found. But, you just know that the minute we stop looking, there will be lots to be had! Each time we leave the campground, we look for other chair opportunities!

The weather is also the story here as it is all over North America – cold! At least we’re not shoveling any snow but we did have a ton of rain on Feb 4th. We didn’t expect to be so cool when we left Florida so it’s shock to our systems!

Come back again, keep well and drive safe…..

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  1. i would buy yer badge straps, wow already u got sales..sorry about the cool weather ,yea right ,but enjoy the sunshine and the fat tuesdays and all the good food , we know you guys will enjoy all the activities there ..huggs and ttyl