Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
The weather is starting to turn better here and we were out on the water on Friday. I can't explain the reason for the odor – I'm sure some of you have a few suggestions for me – but the breeze was off shore and it was really bad (worse than dead fish) in some areas. I think it is from all the stagnant standing water that is around here. Most of the ditches have slim and crud growing on the top of the standing water. Anyway, we had a good time paddling our way around Little Bay at the Rockport Beach. Here is a video clip of the two of us in the boat.

Saturday, I finally got a switch installed that had been sitting on the 'honey do' list for 2 years. The short people in the rig have trouble turning the fan off and on so the switch solves that problem! Barb continued to work on a new sewing project for some of our boat accessories. She also spent a day 'playing' with her embroidery machine, learning more of it's nuances.

WOW – Go Canada! We have watched the Olympics since the opening and in the beginning, our results were disappointing! But, what a finish! It was amazing to see their faces when they crossed the finish to realize they had made the podium! There was a lot of cheering going on here! All of our athletes were awesome – all except Pierre Lueders! As he came off one of his not so stellar runs, he complained terribly about other athletes accidents and upsets. Now, that is not good sportsmanship is it Pierre!

Well, Monday was a beautiful day even though March was coming in as a lion! Barb & I biked over to a local park nearby and rode around on the trails until flooding water crossing the trail stopped our trek. I guesstimate about a 4 mile ride in total! We had a great time anyway with the weather holding warm and sunny. The rain and now the sunny skies have brought out the blooms of spring - wild flowers and greenery abound. The day ended with heavy winds and cooling temps (I think this is the lion part)!

Keep well and be safe where ever you are.....

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  1. ok only saw one pair of size 14teens ,said two of yas in the boat and it was a peddle boat , not ur paddle boat..maybe im confused ,ok we are in fla ,and camped nearby dave and janet ,,took 4 days to get done ,,slowly we came ,,ok for now ttyl and huggss....