Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
We've been on the water again! The weather has turned much better and it is great! This trip we launched at the northern end of the Rockport beach park and paddled across the inlet to Key Allegro. This is a spit of land that has large 7 figure homes on it along with their own boat slips and some huge yachts. We just skimmed along the edge but next time we plan to enter into the many canals through the Key. Awesome!

Thursday we took a day trip up to Goliad, Tx, about 60 miles (100 Kms) NW of Rockport. On the road there, we saw a bunch – at least a dozen buzzards feasting on a very ripe Javelina ! Now, this is where I try to explain why my ass is sore! Both Barb & I have been kicking it since I didn't stop to get a picture! This is something that we don't get to see very much back home.

We drove into the town square before touring the mission, our main reason for going. This has to be the best small town that we have visited in the US. Many small towns are built around the square but most have the newer building facades but Goliad has maintained it's heritage. The hanging tree is located right outside the courthouse which was used in the 1800's for those law breakers that may or may not have deserved it! The town was worth the trip!

Next, we went to the Goliad State Park and toured the Mission Nuestra Senora Del Espiritu Santo De Zuniga. I can not do the mission justice here in our blog so we encourage you to click on the link and read more about the history. The park has an excellent RV park as well with full hook ups on each site.

We walked the nature trail and returned back to the park and had a picnic lunch. The trail took us down towards the San Antonio River. At the entrance to the trail, we had to step around a fairly large Leaf Cutter Ant colony. We were lucky enough to see an ant carrying a leaf back to the nest!

After our picnic lunch, we toured the monument for Fannin Battleground State Historic Site! Col.Fannin surrendered his troop and a few days later they were slaughtered by the Mexicans. Lots of historic information and interesting info on the historical demographics of south Texas. There is a re-enactment later in March so we may wander back there to see what life was like back then.

Our return trip took us through Stinton, Tx where they boast of the world's largest squirrel so we just had to go see! From there, back toward Rockport. Wow, we were pooped!

Hope all is well where ever you are....


  1. i know everybody says ,,whats a javelin ,,not the throwing kind either ,,what is it like ,maybe a large cat ,deer ,,ok i will leave that to you to explain to us dumber kind ..hugs and yes it is not to bad here ,,we havent done a lot yet but the trip is young ,,huggss and ttyl .

  2. You see, it's questions like this that I give you a link to find out what a Javelina is! ;)