Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
On Friday night, Barb & I went to the Ozark Jubilee! Well, that was plan B! Plan A was to take a wildlife cruise for our Valentine's celebration on Feb 14th. The weather forecast was not great so we opted for Plan B – go to a bluegrass/comedy concert by the Ozark Jubilee, straight from Branson! As it turned out, the weather on Feb 14th was great. The bluegrass concert sounded great but we should have stuck to Plan A!

This Sunday was threatening to rain most of the day so we headed to the local matinee and saw Valentine's Day. After all the media hype, our expectations were a little too high and the movie did not match up! Not bad but not as much comedy as we expected. When we left the show, the sky was blue and the temps were great so we drove to a small parking area overlooking the bay and watched the evening come upon us. I swear, there must have been 20+ Great Blue Heron's fly overhead on their way to their nightly roost on the islands that we kayaked around. 20+ birds - back home it is a treat to see 1!

It's been cool and wet so more inside stuff getting done – Barb's working on another sewing project and I'm still scanning old photos and updating the database. On Monday, Barb took another craft class to learn the art of 'Shirret Rug' making. Just another handy little something for her to do! Sitting inside during happy hour and happen to see a Northern Harrier land on our Internet Dish, just 40 feet from us! Nature is wonderful, even from inside the rig!

Hope all is well and until next time....

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  1. good morning hope all is well ,,we are supposed to leave sat morn ,,but the snow and ice and high winds might just stop our takeoff,,oh well maybe sunday then or monday or whenever ,but we will get away soon ,,ttyl and gr8 big tight hugs around ok c u ,,