Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
Whew, we spent the rest of Saturday recovering from our walk! With some found energy, we washed the truck and did some painting and staining. Tuesday, the rains descended and drove us to the show again. Opppss, we didn't plan on spring break! We actually had to wait in line for tickets and of course, being only a few minutes away, didn't get there none too early either! We saw Blind Sided and it was great entertainment. Again, well worth the $4.00 each – hear that Canada, we can see a show without putting a lean on the truck!

The 'bug' has a hold on us! We now walk every other day over at the Rockport Beach Park – 2 miles (3.2 Kms) and in 37 minutes! We are gonna be too healthy when we get back to Ontario! We are really going crazy today, we walked our 2 miles then went boating after lunch through the housing on Key Alegro. Here is one of the typical homes on the Key. Many are not presently in use – just cottages for the wealthy of Huston and San Antonio.

Thursday a we toured the northern areas of Port Lavaca, Magnolia Beach and Indianola. On our way through Port Lavaca, crossing Lavaca Bay, we saw many, many boats Oyster harvesting. They would throw a square bucket over the side and drag it around in a circle, haul it out and the crew would check all the catch and cull out the small and dead ones. It was interesting to see as we crossed the bridge.

Indianola used to be a bustling port town until hurricanes destroyed it before the 1900's. Now it is just a small community of homes and cottages right on the bay. There were lots of RVs dry camping on Magnolia Beach. We parked on the beach for a bit and enjoyed the waters edge in the heat of the sunshine, watching tankers sail by and one of us watched girls in bikinis, but no pelicans or other waterfowl to entertain us.

On the way back, we saw a carcass with black vultures feasting so we stopped for a photo - no kicking my ass this time!

We hope all is well with you out there and until next time, keep well....

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  1. just think how much ice cream you can eat now ,,that you are in such good shape ,,a pear and a sweet peach ,, and i know which is which ,,,,ok good to see and hear from you guys ,,big hugss around and ttyl