Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
This was the Oyster Festival weekend in Rockport-Fulton and of course we had to go – there was a parade, music/beer/food tent, carnival rides and an arts and craft tent! The brochure advertised a free shuttle service from the old WalMart parking lot and we thought that would be the better way as we wouldn't have to fight traffic searching for a parking space! Well, what they didn't say was, yes a free shuttle but you had to pay to park! Oh well, next time we'll know better! Anyway, it was a good day out and lots of people having fun times.

Where would parades be today if we didn't have politicians around to fill convertibles and wave to us as if we care that they are there! Otherwise, the parade was good – fire trucks, dancers, bands and of course the Shriners buzzing all around in their go carts, mini bikes and cycles. The craft tent was full of the usual retailers with a sprinkling of artful displays. We went away with a few more ideas.

The shuttle was a 20 minute wait going so we decided to walk back to the truck . Ouch, it was a bit longer than we thought but we made it anyway and got our exercise in for the weekend!

The weather forecast wasn't great for Tuesday so we went to the show and saw Shutter Island – we give it a 2 out of 5! Kinda boring most of the way through. You've heard me whine about the weather and now we're in great weather. It was only a short time ago we had the heat on and now we're considering the A/C!

Hope all is well with you.....

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  1. well with all those oysters ,how could you watch a movie ???or is that an old wives tale ,,oysters=magic sex lives..hehe,,glad the weather is better ,,we are in some not bad heat here in the south of fla we havent seen jan and dave too much but they say hey ..ok ttyl and big hugs around