Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
This report is pretty short! After sitting around in our shorts on Sunday, a front came through with wind and heavy rain on Sunday night and the temps dropped significantly. The cool weather has kept us off the water and we have not done too much. We went for lunch at The Moondog on the pier in Fulton to honor Pat & Carolyn's departure. I tried their crawfish pie and it was really good! Pat & Carolyn left on Wednesday for points west. We launched the boat again but after 30 minutes or so, we got too cold and returned without taking pictures or reaching our destination! The breeze coming off the gulf was just too cool to enjoy the ride.

But how about the Olympics! Go Canada! The opening ceremonies were absolutely the best we've seen! The events are spectacular – we're not impressed with the TV coverage and someone should hold the door for Brain Williams! Other than that – Yeah Canada! Eh!

So, more indoor stuff getting done – until next time, be well....

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  1. go canada ,,except why is the french in the front of all the speeches and commentary,,jeez it hard enough for me with my limited english having to try to ciper the parlez vous ok hugs ttyl