Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

The Boat

We had an emergency run into Corpus Christi! Barb's sewing machine developed a problem and we had to rush it in to see the sewing machine doctor! Our drive (35 miles) into Corpus was uneventful and the view was different. I thought it was flat terrain in Saskatchewan – it has nothing over this area in south Texas! The highest point is the bridge going into the city! After getting the machine fixed, we took the scenic route back through the city harbor where we could see the USS Lexington moored for tours. We'll have to plan a day to properly tour the city and waterfront.

After watching a couple 'peddling' around in their kayaks in the bay at Rockport, we decide to look into these different boats. We checked out the Hobie dealer in Corpus then the one in Rocport to find one on sale! Yes, that's correct, we are now boat owners! The day we went over to pick up the kayak and get our elementary training how to unpack and inflate it, how to pack it back into the bag and some do's and don'ts, it was raining! We hope that's not an omen! Now we just have to wait for some decent weather to enjoy being out on the water.

Saturday and Sunday were beautiful days here. On Saturday, we took our maiden voyage and learning experience. Boy, were we stiff at the end of the day! My ass was soaked so I guess we didn't have enough air in the hull. Oh, and I didn't open the scupper ports so the water on the floor could drain out! Sunday we did better. We made adjustments to the peddles and our seats, pumped more air in and had a great time. The wildlife again did not disappoint. After a great ride, we had to celebrate with an ice cream while overlooking the water. We ended the day having happy hour with Pat & Carolyn, sitting in our shorts on the deck with refreshments!

We hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day and Family Day. Keep well and until next time...

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  1. well you know that ice cream means more air in the boat ,,and make sure you ship out the water ,,not in ,,because you think your ass is wett now ,,hehe,,ok sounds like fun ,,and the summer camp needs to be near some rivers or ponds eh .. ok ttyl and hugs