Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Went to the pro shop to meet staff and see what our duties will be for the month. As usual, everyone is very welcoming and laid back. Our tasks are to maintain the golf carts after they have been used, wash and dry them, park and plug them in – nothing strenuous! Barb has the more difficult task, she has to vacuum the pro shop at closing.

The tough part is waiting for the last golfers to come off the course. Darkness is our friend, it drives them in before we get too cold. The night temps have been cooler than normal – of course they are, we're here! We've had to disconnect our water a few nights to avoid freezing.

Not to busy of a week for us so far. We've taken advantage of the driving range to get the rust out of our golf swings, not to mention the kinks in our muscles!

On the way down, we noticed a vibration in the seats and then heard the ugly squawk of a worn universal joint. I asked around the gold club for a good mechanic to take the truck in for repairs.

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