Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Cool Weather Blues

Wow, this weather (10C/45F) is depressing – well not too depressing, we're not shoveling anything! Our last day of volunteering was Sunday and because we covered for the other golf host earlier, we're done early!

In June, we put recessed fluorescent lighting under the upper kitchen cabinets and after the job was done, I reinstalled a shelf too low and we couldn't get all the stuff back in the cabinet so Monday was a day to repair that mistake (hey, it only took me 6 months)! We also bought ourselves a new fry pan with no where to store it so while we had all the 'stuff' out of the cabinet, we (Barb) designed a new addition to the cabinet to house the new pan! We have to complete this project before we leave here. Off to Home Depot later this week.

Tuesday, we decided late (2PM) to play golf. It is a small window to play comfortably as the temps don't get warm enough until mid day then it cools down by 4:30ish so we really only thought we could get 9 holes in but did better and made it around 14 complete holes before it was too cold to play. Boy, a mishit sure vibrates through these old bones!

We're making plans for our New Years festivities. We're getting together with the other golf host and the park host here and making an evening of it. We'll let you know what transpires in our next edition!

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  1. good to see u update ur blog ,,golfing in the cold ,,humn sounds like our snow bird league ,,gloves and hats hehe ok happy new years and hugs around ..