Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Up and at 'em to get to the golf course to work and play! First, gotta check the bikes. Holy crap, the rack has bent down and the back bike (which happens to be Barbie's) is inches from the ground. There must be a lot of leverage on the rack to completely split along the sides and bend down almost 90 degrees!

Since we are only 15 miles from the park, we put Barb's bike in the trailer and leave mine on the rack. Ensure it doesn't touch and tie up the bike bag too. Onto our golf hosting assignment!

We call the pro shop for directions to our camp site but he directs us to the trading post (park office) in the park. They do not know anything about our assignment or our parking site. So, back to the pro shop to get the GM involved to get us to our site. Within 20 minutes, the other golf host is coming to show us where we are to go.

The park has removed a double wide and built 4 (only 3 usable) RV sites. We are lucky the one left for us is graveled and level! The other sites are a little short etc. Our site is a 5 minute drive to the golf course – not as convenient as the site at Meadow Links in Ft Gaines, Ga., but hey, we have 50Amp electric service with water and sewer connections so who can complain?

We meet our neighbors and get set up. Monday we'll meander down to the pro shop to meet the staff and see what's in store for us.

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