Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

The Holidays

Wow, what a busy day at the golf course. I thought the pro shop was giving away green fees as there were 30+ carts out that had to be cleaned! It was unexpected as the day before Christmas eve, I thought that no one would be out golfing!

Since Madison is reputed to be the "The Prettiest Small Town in America", Barb & I drove over to Madison to view the magnificent homes and see their Christmas lights. With nearly 100 Antebellum homes that have been carefully restored, we thought the decorations would be beautiful! To our disappointment, there was very few light displays at all! They decorate their homes with tons of evergreen wreaths, of course, don't show in the dark.

We had an enjoyable Christmas albeit a quiet one. We spoke to the kids on Christmas day and they were having a nice Christmas too. We went for a walk through a part of the state park, enjoying the sun and warmer weather. We bought a turkey breast for dinner and when we returned, we proceeded to prepare our Christmas dinner. Being only our second Christmas away from our family, it was strange not rushing around on Christmas Eve and Christmas day but it was enjoyable, just the two of us!

We spent boxing day on the golf course. It was cool but we managed to get the round in. But maybe the best part was after the round – hot chocolates with Amaretto and whip cream topping. Hummmm yummy! Skiers have apres-ski so why can't we have apres-golf in cold weather!

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  1. well it sounda like you make ur own times and days of fun ..wow alcool and whipped cream humn ..wish we where there with you guys anyways we are not so ttyl and hugs around ..