Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
Had a fun morning taking the tire off the rig today. The 8 ton bottle jack has come in handy! Took the tire to the same mechanic that fixed the truck and he had the tire repaired by the time I ran some errands! It was a defective valve stem and was replaced for $8!

It has been wet here so I used several blocks to support the jack. As I'm jacking the trailer up, the blocks are sinking into the gravel! After a couple attempts of block adjustments, I finally pulled out an 8 foot 2X10 and placed it under the jack and finally got the trailer high enough to replace the repaired tire! So, why does an inflated tire seem heavier than an empty tire? I don't know but it was a struggle to get the 235/75/16 tire mounted back on the hub!

We had the other golf hosts over for happy hour. They live here in Georgia and are trying to sell their house and contemplating full timing. They're not convinced they could do it without a home base. We regaled them with our adventures and I'm sure their heads were spinning when they left and even more unsure of their future!

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