Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

A Home Coming…

It doesn’t take long to get into the swing of the happenings here at the Plantation. After having a restful day on Saturday, we found some energy and washed the rig after a summer of neglect. It was incredibly filthy and took some extra elbow grease to get’r clean again. I guess we didn’t have time to look after it this summer – go figure. Anyway, once that was done and all the tools put away, we were off to Ann & Bill’s for happy hour then onto the ice cream social at the club. We shook hands, hugged and spoke to many friends here at the Planation – it was a warm home coming for us.

Like I said, back in the groove already and off to the Original Oyster House for an Escapee chapter lunch with Bill & Ann and about 100 other Escapee’s from the park. Lots of hugs and hellos, chatter and fun. We had to leave the park at 9:30 – what for lunch! – yes, we have a shortish meeting then lunch and we’ll be gone before the lunch time crowds descend on the restaurant. So maybe it should be called a brunch but without breakfast items. And, who doesn’t want a feed of seafood at 11AM? That (Monday) evening is the annual Christmas concert provided by the Baldwin Pops, our local concert band. It was 90 minutes of great Christmas entertainment and all for the price of a toy for the Toys for Tots pro1412003 Dec 09 Barb Hanging Garlandgram here at the Gulf.

Tuesday morning, Barb made her first appearance at the clubhouse with the regular ladies for the sewing and quilting fest every Tuesday morning. I found other stuff to do around the rig but most importantly, we planned to decorate the rig for Christmas so I brought the bins in from the shed. I also made an emergency booze run – you can’t decorate properly with out a rum ‘n eggnog in hand.

The rest of the week was of usual stuff, dinner at the clubhouse, happy hours, craft and quilting and I attend the computer group meeting on Thursday morning. A couple of the guys say they only go for the entertainment but sometimes you actually learn something too. It’s always good fun here no matter what your interests are. You can be as busy as you want to be or not, it is entirely up to you on what you get involved in.1412017 Dec 13 Deciding On What To Eat

The highlight of the week was we – about 16 – went out for dinner at Lulu’s and to watch the Christmas boat parade. We went somewhat early in an attempt to get a table at the rail, overlooking the Intercostal Waterway where the boats will sail by. But, it was a hit and miss chance, the place was packed – everyone doing the same thing. The 1412033 Dec 13 Celebrating Dicks Birthdayhostess said some people had been there since 11AM! It was also Dick’s 74th birthday and we all celebrated as he shared his brownie sundae with us. Again, it can’t be legal to have this much fun!

1412006 Dec 09 New Decorations Under The Tree

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year where ever you are….

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  1. whew ,wow , I had waited all summer for the ice cream report ,,and y'all had to go to the gulf to get it done lol.happy days here again ,,keep up the great reports ,,huggs