Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

It’s Close Now

1411020 Nov 02 Terry Mark Installing First CupboardI have been more than a little slack at up dating our 1411022 Nov 02 Installing Next Cupboard Railingblog! In the last posting, we were working on the flooring and Terri & Mark came up to help out again. It is Sunday, Nov 2th and Barb & Terri are finishing the flooring in the living room and the front study. Now that the ladies have finished the kitchen, Mark & I start to hang the wall cabinets. Have I mentioned how much we love the Ikea kitchen cabinets? Well, they are 1411023 Nov 02 Terri Looking For Small Piece Of Flooringeasy to assemble and they provide all the hardware to securely fasten them down or1411025 Nov 02 Barb Terri Finishing Study up on the walls. In short order, they are in place and level! Barb & Terri managed to get all the floor down except for the bedroom – we bought all the store had at the time so we have to go back for more when it arrives. It was a very productive weekend and we really appreciate their help.


Monday was a day off for us or was it? Off to Ikea, Costco, Home Depot & Lowes for more supplies and more flooring for the bedroom.

1411046 Nov 04 Barb Still Building DrawersOn Tuesday, we continue with the kitchen cabinets, Barb assemb1411048 Nov 04 Barb Laying More Bedroom Floorling the drawers and mount the hardware and install and adjust – what an assembly line we had going. No more drawers to put together so Barb starts putting down the flooring in the bedroom – the last to be done but not the least, there is still lots of cutting to do and at the end of the second day, a great job done. Way to go Barb, the flooring looks 1411050 Nov 04 Drilling Hole For Pluggreat. Now that the upper cabinets are up and secure, we can finally get our microwave/convection oven out of the box – we’ve only had it since early June.

Now that the floors are down, you know what 1411065 Nov 06 Using The Coping Sawthat means – yes, the baseboard can go down, filled. sanded and painted. This is the tedious parts of a reno, the finishing work. It goes so slow with hardly any show of progress but looks great when all done to finish off a well 1411061 Nov 05 Last Piece Of Bedroom Flooringdone job. I would measure and cut and fit and barb would nail and fill the nail holes. I would caulk the top and corners and soon Barb would paint – another assembly line, what a team! The first few lengths of base, we tried cutting 45 degree cuts on the inside corners but it’s an old house so 1411071 Nov 07 Barb Laying Down On The Jobthat didn’t look great so I tried my hand at using a coping saw and cut the corners to fit and that worked out much better. It took longer but a better job for sure. While I am taking my time with the intricate cutting, Barb finds other tasks to do, like assemble more drawers!

1411072 Nov 07 Barb Painting In BathroomThe rest of our week was baseboard and more baseboard. In our spare time, we installed more lighting And painted baseboard! That was another week of this adventure but it is really coming together now. We are confident that we will be done before we head south that we have asked if we could hold our family Christmas celebration here to Christen the house and our 3 daughters all agreed so now we really have to git-r-done!

Hope all is good where ever you are….

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  1. looks so good..wow when you get back here in the spring ,,Dianne has some jobs for you two..lol..hope the trip to L.A. is without any glitches..will talk soon ..huggs..