Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

It’s Looking Like a Home Now

1411086 Nov 09 Painting Bedroom BaseboardsIn the last blog, I left you as we were doing 1411087 Nov 09 Starting Kickpanels In Kitchenbaseboard and nothing changed come Sunday, we’re still doing baseboard.


1411089 Nov 09 Terry Chauking Hallway


1411097 Nov 10 Gravelling Finished To Air ConditionerFor a little break on Monday and we were in a 1411103 Nov 11 Barb Raking Gravellittle warm spell and still had some out door work to be done so we shifted our focus to those tasks. Some areas of the weeping tile bed had sunk down some and we needed to pick up some gravel to top those areas up. So, off to the local landscaper where they loaded about a yard into the truck – the bad news, they would not follow us home to unload it. So, between us, we 1411093 Nov 09 Terry Screwing Together Frame For Islandunloaded and dumped and raked the gravel and made the weeping beds look much better. One yard was enough for today so back into the house and – yes, more baseboard. Our counter top was coming soon so we had to build a base for the island to sit on and it has to be fastened to the floor so it does not move. We had that done and wired by the end of the day too.



1411100 Nov 11 Terry Winterizing Sump PumpWe woke Tuesday to another beautiful warm day and went and got another yard of gravel to finish the weeping bed. We needed to install a 1411096 Nov 10 Screwing Down The Cupboardsplumbing union on the sump pump so it can be serviced easier. I also installed a water trough heater so the sump pump does not freeze. While I was ‘playing’ with the pump and stuff, Barb raked and bagged leaves – one of the joys of home ownership again. After such a beautiful day, we went inside and installed the kitchen cabinets on the island frame and installed the dishwasher. We’re on the down side of the hill now and it is really coming together and looking great.1411106 Nov 11 Terry Attaching Hydro To Dishwasher






When the counter top installer came by to take the measurements, we told him we were gett1411111 Nov 12 Door Frame All Leveling our sink from Ikea. He stopped measuring and gave us a look – he said they are the most difficult sinks to install and if we were doing the install, we would be better to buy one from one of the big box stores. So, since we were going out for more supplies today, we picked up a sink too. We also wanted a WiFi thermostat so we could monitor the house temps from LA. Our counter top was ready so we went by there too – a busy day but we have been known to put in some long days and today was not too different – Out for supplies and we hung the bedroom door which was no easy task. Some dumbie built the rough stud opening 1411114 Nov 12 Bedroom Door Finally Hungabout an inch too short and we had to cut out some of the header and drywall to install the door frame. What a mess! There may have been an easier way but I just went ahead the the reciprocal saw and cut it out, drywall dust everywhere! I should have been more surgical about it. Anyway, we got the frame in and it is le1411120 Nov13 Barb Painting Back Of Islandvel and plumb! With the bedroom door hung, we call it a day, albeit a late one. Once in the rig, we look at each other, I asked what was for dinner and who was cooking. No one put their hands up so we went out!

1411128 Nov 13 Counter Tops Installed


Thursday was a fun day – besides installing the bedroom door trim and more baseboard, our counter tops were installed today and Zeke did a great job. He even installed the sink and the 1411133 Nov 13 Island Back Finished Under Countergas cook top. Now you can see a real kitchen and a cute home.


1411135 Nov 13 Installing Hydro In The Island







1411141 Nov 14 Medicine Cabinet InstalledFriday sees us finishing the baseboards in the mud room 1411143 Nov 14 Glueing Pipes Togetherand installing the rest of the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Some had to be left off so the counter tops could be installed. We also hooked up the water and drains for the kitchen sink. Wow, a working kitchen now, it is getting more and more exciting but we soon have to make our decision, sell or rent.



Saturday was a little slower, now that the baseboards are done, the kitchen installed, now just a few more small tasks that we need to work on. Barb peels the protective covering off the bedroom door and I puttered around. We also did the first load in the new dishwasher.1411155 Nov 15 Barb Loves Her Door1411158 Nov 15 A Closed Bedroom Door1411164 Nov 16 Back Of Island Completed










We had a great week and a summer. The project is mostly done now and we love the way it turned out. We hope all is good where you are….

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  1. wow you will not want to rent it now ,,live here in the summer and L.A. in the winter ...home sweet home ..ok looks great and so did the video ,,hoping all the hard stuff is done and you can ,,but wont,, relax down there ,,ok ttyl and great big hugs..