Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Let the Good Times Roll

Bill & I helped Tom & Cheryl build their 8x16 deck along side their new motorhome. To celebrate having a new deck, they had Bill, Ann, Dick, Marcia, Barb & I over for happy hour on the deck. It was a perfect day, blue skies, no breeze and warm sunshine to help make the day. After, we all went over to the ice cream social at the club house. It is usually busy and noisy until Gary rings the bell and starts his announcements for the week, then the ice cream is served and then all is quiet!

1412035 Dec 15 Still FMQing PointsettiasMonday was a quiet day for us – we’re still trying to calm down from our summer of fun. Barb spends any spare time working on a sewing project and I am trying to find a water leak that is coming from the fresh water tank.

Tuesday is the quilt guilds Christmas party and 1412041 Dec 16 Let The Party Beginsometimes the men loiter around the club house to scam a morsel from the ladies goody trays and today is no different. By the time I got there, the trays had been passed around but Marcia saved a little something for me from her tray – it pays to have friends in high places. Later, Bill & Ann and Barb & I had lunch on the patio at Big Daddy’s – have I said this before? Life is good, this can’t be legal.

1412049 Dec 17 A Really Great MealWednesday was a big outing – we had tickets to the Christmas show at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Ms. We were on the bus by 11:15 and drove through to the Beau Rivage for the lunch buffet – 50% 0ff on Wednesdays so of course, you can’t miss that. We spent some time looking around the resort and the shops. 1412049 Dec 17 Barb Talking To The Big GuyThe Christmas decorations were quite beautiful and then there was the casino. After all said and done, we left less than 20 bucks behind to visit next time we go. The Christmas show – Santa and Friends on Ice – was in the main theatre and Xmas Show Program at the Beauwas a fun time. I’ve seen bigger frozen puddles back home than the size of the ice rink they used to perform on but they did it. The stage was covered with fake ice that was used for introductions etc but the throws, twirls and serious skating were carried out on the ‘real’ ice on the main floor. The high light was at the end, the cast brought 4 sleighs out on the ice and took kids from the audience to ride them around the ‘rink’ with Santa. There were a few kids 1412055 Dec 17 Losers At Gamblingthat did not look impressed and they sure did not want to be there – it was funny to see the looks on their faces. The bus ride back was a little quieter than the ride down and we arrived home around 11PM.

The rest of our week was more of the same – club house activities, happy hours somewhere and laughs and fun with our friends here. To top the week off, Dick & Mary had a few of us in for a Christmas party on their site. It was a blast, lots if not too much to eat and sweet treats and a few beverages. We all had a great time but we always do here at the Plantation.

That is all for our week of adventures here, we hope all is good wherever you are and Happy New Year!

1412045 Dec 16 All Coasters Made For Xmas Dinner1412067 Dec 22 Gift I Made For Marcia

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  1. nice to see your shyness is leaving and you are fitting in with the group...all the best for the rest of your stay in L.A. and wishing you and yours the best in the new year hugs ..