Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

So Many Ducts, Such a Small House

1407212 July 20 Terry Cutting WoodWe are expecting the HVAC installed tomorrow – Monday! But we have to do some things to be ready – like prep the area it is to go. It should have a floor, potential wall locates and some electricity. We also want to have everything out of the house in case the guys need to cut more floor to hang the ducts etc. Before we move all our tools back into the garage, it should have a little house cleaning so ‘things’ have place to go! At the end of the day, a small floor area is down with the finished walls marked on it so the guys know exactly what space they have to work with. The garage is tidied up and the house is empty except for the chop saw and stand. We also have our fingers crossed that tomorrow actually happens and the HVAC is finally installed.1407215 July 21 Bringing In The Furnace

Wow, first thing Monday AM we see a furnace being carried int1407217 July 21 Top Of Furnace Goes Ono the house! Yes, we are dressed and ready and go out to take some pictures and ensure all goes correctly. They set it on the floor and set about assembling the plenum to the furnace and bringing in the duct structures. It’s happening, we’re starting to move forward again! The first estimate on time was they would start Monday and probably be out at the end of the day Tuesday.

1407220 July 21 Working In The CrawlspaceWhile all this excitement was going on, Barb 1407224 July 21 Our New Washer Dryerfound a deal on a washer-dryer pair for sale not too far away so we have an appointment to see and buy them at 2PM. We arrived a bit early but the seller was there and happy to see us. We took one look at the pair and realize they were very well taken care of and immediately pay the asking price. Barb & I carried the dryer out without any problems, not too heavy for us. As we were taking the dryer out, another buyer was approaching and was not happy that the units were sold – I guess he thought he had first dibs on them and made the trip for nothing. The washer was another story. We used a blanket we had with us and got the washer to the front door – thank heavens it was on the main floor. The seller felt sorry for us and helped us carry it down the front walk! As we were nearing the last step, Barb lost her footing – she was on the short side of the walk and was starting to fall. She managed to set the washer down but could not stop her fall and she went down hard into the garden. Why didn’t I have an appliance dolly you say, a good question but we didn’t and Barb was hurting and I felt terrible. After a few minutes of rest, we wrestled the washer into the truck and secured it for the ride back. How in the hell are we going to get it out of the truck & into the garage? Maybe we’ll have to hook it up there and do our laundry in the driveway! By the end of the day, the furnace was in place with the plenum installed with the cooling coil, the cold air returns in and the hot air trunk under the floor. So, good progress today but can’t see them finishing up by Tuesday. We have a ‘new’ washer and dryer and with help of our neighbour, Rob, got them stored in the garage. Then we get Barb settled in to relax and tend to her wounds.

1407227 July 23 So Much Furnace PipingTuesday was another exciting day of action. The HVAC work continued and we went shopping again! Off to HD for some electrical supplies – we want to have stuff on hand so we can have the wiring under the floor for the island kitchen cabinets. We also picked up our shower stall. It has to go in the same time we put the floor down so we can ensure the drain lines up and connects properly. This is a challenge when there is no room under the floor to work on plumbing etc. Normally, most of this type of work is done from underneath after the sub floors are installed but with only 10-12 inches of clearance, it has to be done as we lay the subfloors. It’s kinda like building a house backwards and everything has to be thought of before the subfloors go in. We bought a 3 piece unit but it came as one piece and we have to disassemble it when we install it.

We had a nice surprise soon after we got back, Randy & Norma stopped by for a visit and gave us a ‘house warming’ card and a gift certificate for our favourite eatery. After hugs all around and some chit chat, Randy & I unloaded the shower and stored it in the garage too. Thanks guys for stopping by, your welcome any time even if not bearing gifts!

1407236 July 23 Replacing Our Water MeterOur water meter has not been reading our consumption so we called and the town sent 1407229 July 23 Our New Air Conditionerout a repairman on Wednesday to check it and replace it if necessary. After a short look and see, he replaced it with a more modern RF unit, one meant to be in damp, dark places! Also on Wednesday, the compressor is installed and more ducts are in. The furnace is vented and all is moving forward. There is a small glitch for parts – apparently, they had ordered parts but the other team took them and can’t get to them because the floors were refinished and no one can walk into the house for a few days! So they only worked a part day here but will be back tomorrow!

1407238 July 23 What Is Terry Doing1407240 July 23 Terry Makes A New Doorway










1407231 July 23 Barb Starts Unwrapping Our MummyWe’re too excited on our progress so we unwrap the shower and it is nice and big – 1407234 July 23 Barb Gets In The Shower Firstcompared to what we have been used to for the last 14 years! With little action going on inside the house, today is a good day for an ad-hoc project. Remember we acquired another door for the back of the house? Well, the one we took out was ear marked for the garage so we start that project – it should be a nice afternoon peace of work! While I was doing that, Barb got the power washer out to clean the fridge that was here when we bought the house. It was too disgustingly filthy to even think about using so we were going to sell it in our neighbours garage sale on Saturday. After a lot of scrubbing and power washing, the fridge sparkles, I can’t believe it is the same unit. Maybe if we hadn’t already bought a fridge, but it’s not the right colour!

1407246 July 24 Ann Bill Arrive In Their New Truck1407253 July 24 Bill Ann Barb Terry In Front Of Lake ErieThursday was a day off we were looking forward to, our dear friends Ann & Bill from the Plantation came over for a visit. We gave them the cooks tour of our hobby house and had some chit chat, checked out their new truck – too bad it is a Chevy Bill but nice anyway. We took them down to Erie Beach for a little walk about then off to – yes, you guessed it, the patio overlooking the Niagara River for lunch. We came back here for more chit chat and they bought the fridge for their son – he was in dire need of one. Bill & I loaded it into their new truck without scratching the bed and they were on their way.

1407255 July 24 Having Lunch At Hes Not Here1407256 July 24 Enjoying The Beautiful Day










1407259 July 25 Barb Removing Pipe ClampsThe HVAC guys are done and all is in and it is ready for 1407261 July 25 Terry Working On The Showertown inspection. Now Barb & I can smoke into laying in the plumbing drains then the hot and cold water lines. Too exciting isn’t it?




1407262 July 25 Barb Cutting Wood For Laundry RoomSo, Friday we get at the drains. You would think it 1407264 July 26 Barb Digging Dirt Lower For Seweris pretty straight forward, as long as it has a downward slope – you don’t want anything flowing up hill!. With all the duct work under the floor, we had to plan it out carefully. It certainly was more difficult than I expected and again due to the limited work space, 11-12 inches plus the duct work. When we did the plumbing drains in the house back in ‘83, it was not too difficult since we had a basement to 1407265 July 26 Barb Cutting In Laundry Linework in. This time, we made many trips to Timbrmart and Rona to get the proper fittings to make all the connections and still get a proper slope. They say poop does not flow up hill but ya never know….. We finished up mid day on Saturday.

That’s our week, we hope all is well where you are….

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  1. so much for being retired (or just tired) lol.. sure are talented ,you two ,now I know where to get help for my projects.. yea right ,jeez already august and soon to be travel time ..c'mon house ,get thy self refinished ..ok hugs and good luck on the rest of the project..