Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Now It’s Our Turn

We started the week off a little slow, Barb was ill and flat out all day Sunday. I was ok so I got some more small jobs out of the way, like replacing floor boards that we lifted out for the foam spraying and the HVAC, picked up lots of construction or de-construction rubble that had fallen down the open perimeter of the floor and tidied up some.

Monday is a day off sort of, we have doctors appointments all the way on the other side of TO, a 6 hour return trip!

1407267 July 29 Terry Starting The WaterSo, on Tuesday, Barb still not feeling 100%, 1407269 July 29 Barb Cutting Pipewe start laying in the hot and cold water lines. We decided early in the project to use PEX pipe instead of copper. I did the lines in our Stouffville house in copper and if your soldering is not 100%, it is a pain to drain the line to re-solder the joint – need I say more? One has to get the crimp ring on the fitting though. I missed doing that on a fitting on the kitchen line and when we turned the water on, it quickly spit the 1407270 July 29 Laundry Taps Are Readyfitting off and water was shooting all over the 1407273 July 29 Look On Barbs Face When Water Was Turned Onfloor! By the end of the day, we’re all done and I call the town a little after 5 for an inspection of all stuff under the floor (HVAC & plumbing).1407274 July 29 A Pipe Flipped Its Lid

1407272 July 29 Terry Barb Laying Water PipeWednesday we are waiting to hear from the town about an inspection appointment so why not go out for breakfast and pick up some supplies. We get a call and the town will be out tomorrow to look at our progress. In the meantime, we put pipe supports on the hot & cold water lines on any spans over 4 feet. We also sold (basically gave away but they didn’t go to the landfill) a surplus window and the wall furnace that we took out when we did the de-construction.

Thursday is inspection day but we’re not so nervous this time as we’re confident in our plumbing job and this wasn’t the HVAC guys first rodeo. All of our plumbing drains were only dry fit so we wouldn’t waste parts or time if they were no1407289 July 31 Do We Have Enough Gluet correct. The inspector was happy with everything we did and okayed the job for next steps. Yipee, we’re excited now, we are clear to glue up the drains and start laying subfloor! The inspectors parting comment was “you guys will have a cute place here when your done”. Right after a quick bite, we start gluing the drain fittings and get the system cut into the main drain. Barb did most of the gluing – she is good at it and much neater than me, needless to say, I would have had glue everywhere! We have to wait until tomorrow to do a water test so it’s clean up time and then a beverage to celebrate our progress.

1408001 Aug 01 Terry With Sewer PlugAnother milestone day, water test day. Our sewer connection is a ‘Y’ so we just removed the stub on the one side and insert the test plug and started filling the kitchen drain with 1408003Aug 01 The Hose Brokethe garden hose. Seconds later, the water nozzle flies off and we are spraying water all over the floor inside the house – yikes, is this an omen? We’re too busy to fix it now so we kink the hose and carry on, we want to make sure our gluing is good. Barb is watching the toilet flange and the water comes to the top so the plug is working, now we wait. I get the broken hose outside and shut the water off and by the time I get back, Barb says the water has dropped an inch or so. Now this is not good news, do we have a leak or is the test plug not completely plugging the sewer. So we 1408006 Aug 01 Barb Checking For Leakscheck all the fittings to find the leak. We found the culprit – the shower drain trap is leaking! Crap, but after a closer look, we missed gluing this one! That was a relief, an easy fix and we carry on, satisfied that our glue job is good, we 1408004 Aug 01 Missed One Pipe To Glueput pipe wrap on both the hot and cold water lines and are now ready to start laying the sub floor – yahoo!



We already have a few sheets down in the 1408015 Aug 01 Extra Support For Showerbedroom and so we carry on from there but soon realize that this old house is not square 1408012 Aug 01 Screwing Down The Floorand we have to make custom cuts to fit the plywood in. Naturally, our new floor joists are bang on! The bathroom floor was a little tricky with all the pipes coming through but I have a quilter working me and she can figure any puzzle out and soon, we have the plywood cut and in place perfectly.


1408018 Aug 01 Pipes Fit Great1408019 Aug 01 Barb Using JigSaw1408020 Aug 01 Flooring Done In Bedroom & Shower







Saturday, more subfloor up into the main area of the house, more pipes and custom cutting. After a long day, Barb wasn’t tired enough so decided to cut some grass too! I can’t slow her down these days….

That’s it for our week, hope all is good where you are…..

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  1. going to be rented and occupied before you go to your southern mansion..good job ,lots of work and will see the joy of completion soon..ttyl and hugs.