Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Two Old People

1408038 Aug 03 In Sue Bobs KitchenLast week was exciting, this week was over the top! Now that all the important rules and regs are out of the way, these two old folks are gett’n down with it. Sunday was a little slower paced, we picked up more supplies (plywood, screws, 2x4s and our t1408045 Aug 04 First Row Of Plywood In Centre Of Houseoilet – on sale) for the week – something like JIT inventory, we don’t want to keep moving stuff around. We also replaced the floor planks in the kitchen – we didn’t want to get too involved as we were taking the day off to enjoy some music in the park with friends Bob & Sue in Crystal Beach. We had a great time and lots of laughs with Bob & Sue over dinner, beverages and music on the shores of Lake Erie. Life is good.

1408050 Aug 04 Barb Screwing Down Floor PlywoodMonday, we smoke into laying more sub floors. We had more than 70% of the floor left to do and with Terri & Mark’s help, we got it all done by dinner time1408054 Aug 04 Mark Screwing Down 2x4s on Monday. Wow, such a small place looking so big! But I screwed up and forgot to install the electrical wiring under the floor for the kitchen island outlets. This is not a big deal for homes with basements but for us with such a shallow crawl space and we don’t have a trained ferret to pull the wires in for us, we’ll have to lift a piece of the plywood up.

1408065 Aug 05 Larry Judy At The BarrelTuesday, Judy & Larry (our cousin) came over for a visit, chit chat, a tour of our project and discussion of their newly purchased condo in Kitchener. It was a welcomed day off – sort of. After Judy & Larry left, we took up some plywood, cut some of the old plank flooring to pull in wires for the island outlets. Replaced the plywood and now we’re ready for some interior walls! Yipee!

We took another day off, again sorta. We wanted 1408067 Aug 06 Picking Kitchen Up From Ikeato purchase our kitchen cabinets today to qualify for the 15% savings so off to Ikea. We tried the big box stores as I’m sure I may have already stated but we couldn’t get exactly what we (read Barb) wanted but we could with Ikea. I liked the soft close doors and drawers that are standard with Ikea –1408071 Aug 06 Bringing Home The Lumber I’m sure you pay for it in the end but…. After paying, we had to pick up and bring them home and unload it to the garage – wow, we had our exercise for the day, loading and unloading the cabinets. Still some daylight? Let’s get more 1408073 Aug 06 Barb Bringing In The 2x4asupplies for the walls – 2x4s etc so off to Lowes in Niagara and hand picked 100 sticks and some drywall – we had to put the drywall on a wall while it was on the floor because there is no room once it is up – only inches away from the furnace. Again, only the two of us old folks to unload our supplies!



1408077 Aug 07 Barb Holding Up The WallNow, back to work, enough days off playing 1408083 Aug 07 Its Becoming A Homearound! Today we start erecting the interior walls – this is almost too exciting, to see this progress. So, this is Thursday morning and we start, Barb cuts and I nail it. The nail guns are a bit too heavy for Barb to handle. Once we get the wall standing, Barb measures and cuts the wall blocking and I nail it in. It is like an assembly line. By dinner on Friday, we have all the walls up! Matching the flat ceilings and the 1408090 Aug 08 Barb Nails Up Bathroom Wallvaulted ceiling took some ‘MacGyvering’ but it’s an old house so adding one piece at a time, measuring and cutting as required. Barb & I are a good team and soon it’s mostly done.

1408092 Aug 08 Hey Did You Go For Lunch


1408105 Aug 09 FireOn Saturday, Terri & Mark stopped off for a visit. 1408106 Aug 09 Battle Goes On Soliders DieThe War of 1812 re-enactment was playing out at Old Fort Erie so we walked down to watch the happenings. It was very busy and noisy with the cannons blasting and their muskets roaring. A neat experience and a nice way to end a week of hard work. Hope all is good where you are….


  1. well well it is sure going quickly now .soon rented and you down to L.A...wow will have to get down and see it completed .ok you two ,,hugs and birthday wished on the way eh barb lol..

  2. John, it is always great to see your comments. Maybe, your the only one who reads the fun we're having....