Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Are we on vacation??

In our last post, we were starting to move forward but one step forward and one step back! Now that we have the reno permit, you would think that it would be free wheeling but alas, we are still at the discretion of the HVAC contractor. Now that we have agreed in the placement of the furnace and before they hang any duct work, they think we should have the building inspector out to ensure they are happy with our sub structure so we don’t have to make any changes after. This makes sense but these are small steps forward and now we wait until Monday for the city ok before HVAC work can begin. Sometimes you think these are just delay tactics so the customer doesn’t think they are being handled!

Terry installing a nailer for hallway wall.In the mean time, we work on some make work 1407152 July 13 Barb Adding Bracing For Wallprojects that have to be done at some time. HVAC says they want to use the wall between the hallway and bedroom for the cold air return so the wall can not be on the adjacent floor joist. So, for added support, Barb cut and nailed the cross bracing for the wall to rest on while I put a nailer in place for the wall to butt up to. We also added some nailing mending plates on the new cross ceiling joists under the vaulted ceiling1407153 July 13 Terry Adding Mending Plates To Vaulted Ceiling. This was our initiative to assure that the inspector ‘likes’ what we have done. Both of us are very nervous about this first inspection visit – will we have to move the trailer, is the vaulted ceiling going to pass or will they insist on an engineers stamp of the structural integrity? Almost enough to drive us to drink!

1407155 July 13 All Bracing Installed

1407162 July 13 All Reading About The PalacadeLater in the day (Sunday), Terri, Mark and Mark’s mom Sandra, came out for a visit. After  giving Sandra a tour of our little hobby house, we take a walk along the Niagara River and then off to dinner at He’s Not Here. By now, you are probably getting the sense that we like this eatery!




1407165 July 14 Terry And Tony Looking At Floor JoistsMonday is our day of reckoning – the building inspector arrives around lunch time and we have been on pins and needles all morning. To add to our tension, we have been told by a few folk that he is very persnickety and sometimes he is not in your corner. We tried to keep an eye out so we could meet him in the house so maybe he wouldn’t notice the trailer in the back! Right, the trailer is almost as long as the house so how is he not going to notice it! But, we missed him and he knocks on the door to announce his arrival – opps, now he knows we’re in a trailer on site. After quick intros, we go inside and he asks what we needed from him. We explain the HVAC fears and he takes a look around and says we should be good to go. He commented on the good work we have done and that everything looks fine. He did suggest that we should be covering and sealing the dirt in the crawl space under the floor with at least a 6mil poly. We informed him that we had discussed this option with the insulation contractor and decided that the space is too small to be able to completely seal the poly effectively and that it might be more harmful and or damp if it was not completely sealed and it might be best to leave it open so the circulating air will keep it drier. All in all, it was a friendly inspection and he was impressed on what we have done so far. Barb & I are so relieved! I immediately informed the HVAC guys and they said they will start on Monday! Hurray, action next week!

1407168 July 15 Digging The Dirt Away From Edge1407171 July 15 Barb Digging In The Clay1407174 July 15 Barb Washing Mud Off Sidewalk







Now that we know that the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT an oncoming train, we sit & make our wiring plans for each room, defining the wiring layout and listing all the parts and pieces required according to the electrical code. Later in the day, we dig out the front walk that was covered by the dumpsters we rented. The walkway was covered with old dirt and mud from the spring rains. Once we started, we couldn’t believe how wide it is. We have some extra hosta plants and planted them along the edge of the walk. We dug down the edge, planted the hostas and then back filled with mulch so now we’ll see if the rain run off floods the walk now! Barb always has great ideas to improve things and this is no exception.

1407185 July 16 Figured Out How To Handle Old StepWednesday is ‘hang water heater’ day. Before we 1407189 July 16 Moved Project Board To Back Roomdo that, we want to put up some water resistant drywall behind it so off to HD in Niagara. Our choice to go there was because of a deal they have for a dishwasher and a refrigerator and we need both so it was a fun shopping tour. When we got back home, Barb came up with an idea to improve the step into the back door of the house. It was a cement step that was just under the door so we framed 1407196 July 17 Barb Hold Tankless Water Heater On Wallit out so the floor would go across the width of the sun room. Then we hung the drywall and created a project centre that shows our design plans, time line, permit documents and any other instructions required. It was in the garage but that was not the best place for it but now, we use it all the time.

First thing Thursday, we hung the water heater 1407198 July 17 Nailing Up Shim In Great Roomand started to make some plumbing connections but before we get too far along, we have some other plumbing work to do. You might remember that we moved our water meter up into the heated part of the house and Barb had made some design changes so it wouldn’t be too conspicuous. Well, since the crawl space will now be heated, we decided to move it back down and put an access hatch in the floor of the bedroom 1407203 July 18 Barb Cutting Water Pipecloset so if need be, it can be serviced. The plumbing requirements of the new hot water heater dictates that the cold and hot water line must be 3/4” for it to perform properly. So while we had the water off and moving the meter back under the floor, we ran 3/4” mains 1407206 July 18 Cold Water Installed Hot Water Need Partsfrom the meter and we will carry them through out the house and drop to 1/2” at the fixture. This will also reduce any pressure changes when more than one tap or fixture is open at the same time. Ever been in the shower and someone else runs water in the kitchen or flushes the toilet? Yikes that could be a blast of hot or cold water on you but now that won’t happen!

That’s about it for our week, not much more we can do until next week after our HVAC is installed. Hope all is good wherever you are….1407226 July 22 Hey You Looking At Me


  1. wow passed the bullet on the trailer,,kewl ,ok so far so good ,glad to hear you guys are moving forward..yikes ,still lots to do..but you guys are armed with determination. ok ttyl and great big hugs.

  2. The HVAC people must have been trying to be safe with everything by having proper documentation and inspections. Without these, they'll be open to lawsuits and perhaps a redo of everything. It might be frustrating, but it is necessary. Anyway, it's awesome that everything turned out great and that they could begin installing your HVAC unit. Good luck on the rest of the way!

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp Cooling & Heating

    1. Hey Tommy, thanks for stopping by and your encouragement. We're having fun with it, regardless of my rants. We understand that the docs and inspections are necessary but for good reasons and that is why we are doing this under permit. Thanks again and come back again, Terry