Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Hot Days of Summer

It has been excruciatingly hot here as it has been all over North America these past few weeks. Makes it even more difficult for us oldies to get outside and do any biking or even walking. We tried some geocaching in LaSalle park but were not successful and did not find1307008 July 03 Terry Puts Cache Back any caches – too hot for patience. However, we did find a nice public boat launch1307016 July 06 DrWho Seven so we can finally get the kayak wet again. Here is an example of a cache hidy hole in a cemetery near by. It is suggested that a geocacher carries gloves etc. when reaching down into a hiding spot in case a critter has set up house.

Barb made good use of being indoors by continuing on her Dr. Who blocks and she is working with a group of ladies from the Plantation on a summer block swap for another quilt. It is a surprise for the ladies so I don’t dare show anything here or they will lynch me.

We did have some excitement here, we got rid of our 13 year old swivel recliners and bought two Lazy Boys that fit nicely into our space. They do not swivel and that is taking some getting use1307046 July 16 Our New Chairs Arrived to but they are comfy enough to catch a little shut eye from time to time!

1307036 July 11 Playing Fast TrackNew neighbours have moved into the spot across from us. Friends are coming in for a visit and we reserved that spot for them so in my amicable manner, I jokingly, informed them that they will have to move their rig for a few days and our friendship began. A few happy hours and a new card game later, we have someone in the park we can kick around with.

This heat always brings other undesirable weather – thunder storms. On Friday, 1307062 July 19 The Clouds SwirlingJuly 19, a1307057 July 19 Randy Norma Lose Gazebo In Stormt about 5PM, we had a sever thunder storm hit the area, taking many gazebos with it. Randy & Norma only had their`s set up for a few days when the wind turned the frame into a pretzel. The screen walls survived but not much good without a frame to put it on.



Barb`s sewing machine is acting up so we took it into the sewing machine doctor on 1307064 July 20 Destruction From Storm In Hamiltonthe Saturday. We were completely unaware of the destruction Hamilton had suffered during the storm. When we arrived at the shop, they were closed because of the lack of electricity so we had to go back on 1307075 July 21 Sewing Machine Going To The DoctorSunday. We saw some big trees that were toppled over in the wind with many crushing any cars and trucks that were parked underneath.

Well, the heat has broken after the storms. We’re ready for Bill, Ann, Dick & Marcia to visit for a few days. Stay tuned for more on that later. Hope all is well where you are….

1307041 July 13 Under The Roebackia


  1. wow always busy ..your circle is so big ,there is only room to visit ,if you buy a camp ground and we all become seasonal s lol.. we heard there was a lot of damage around the country ,but pictures are great..ok have fun and we will ttyl huggs

  2. I'm leaving you a message here because you were a no-reply blogger and I didn't want to NOT thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Thanks!