Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Plantation Buds Visit

Holy quilt days, Barb’s quilting buddies are coming in for a visit – I guess the guys will find something to do! We do have fun together and I’m sure you will agree when you read our adventures over the next couple of days. Originally, Dick & Marcia wanted to come over and asked if it was possible to pay Bill & Ann a visit while here. We strung her along and contacted Bill & Ann to see if they wanted to surprise Dick & Marcia by coming over too. They were happy to help plan the surprise so emails were flying. Their drive time was a little shorter than Dick & Marcia’s so Bill suggested they arrive earlier so they could get set up and we could be sitting back with a beverage when they arrived. The event was planned.

1307076 July 22 Bill And Ann ArriveAll was on schedule, Bill & Ann arrived, we had hugs all around and then we left them to set up. Barb & I don’t like1307077 July 22 Dick And Marcia Arrive to set up with others waiting – leads to rushing and making mistakes so we try to do the same for others. Once set up, we all got our chairs and awaited the arrival of Dick & Marcia.

We were anticipating a terrific surprise but the surprise was on us. What we didn’t count on was the campground office. I had made the reservations for both but did not tell the office that it was a surprise. Yep, you guessed it, when Dick & Marcia checked in, the office informed them that the othe1307083 July 22 Our Guests Arrive For Dinnerr guests had already arrived! It was still a happy re-union of our Plantation buds, hugs all around and lots of chit chat – and of course some beverages.We didn’t plan anything for their travel day, sitting under an awning was the order for the rest of the day with snacks and lots of catch up. As custom, the travellers do not make dinner, we had them back to our rig for a BBQ and stuff.




1307088 July 23 Randy Norma Join Us For CoffeeWe gathered at Dick & Marcia’s rig for morning coffee. The weather was1307090 July 23 Lunch In Ancaster not co-operating so we had to adjust our plans a little. We decided due to possible rain, our outdoor excursions would be dampened so we decided to flip the days and we did a car tour of the area which included – yes, a quilt shop, a pub, Tiffany Water Falls and then into Hamilton to the ‘Garment District’ where there are lots of sewing and fabric shops. Because we made an 1307093 July 23 Ann Bill Walk Through Woods1307098 July 23 Falls Look Greatunplanned pub stop, we couldn’t stop for a walk around. Naturally, the girls accused the guys of conspiring the change so they couldn’t shop! We 1307102 July 23 A Great Tour Daycontinued through Dundas to the overlook of the Burlington Skyway and Dundas Valley, always inspiring.



From here, we wanted to make sure they got a flavour of Toronto’s rush hour traffic by driving into Terri & Mark’s for dinner. After a busy day and a very nice evening, we headed back to the campground but everyone was too exhausted and cramped from 6 adults – arguably – cramped into our truck for the day!

1307103 July 23 Dinner With Mark And Terri1307107 July 23 Terri Makes Great Apple Pie

1307108 July 24 Ann Serves Coffee And SconesWednesday, we took our coffees to Bill & Ann’s rig – it was coolish weather so we went inside. Oh-h-h, the smell of freshly baked scones, thanks Ann.  We had a busy day ahead so we all got going quickly from our coffees. Our first stop was Mimico Park on the waterfront for a picnic lunch. Oh look, an ice cream truck, I love it when a plan comes together. After we devour our picnic, we load back up in the truck and head on 1307111 July 24 Picnic In Mimacoke Parkfurther into Toronto. We found a city bus tour on double deckers that included a boat ride through the lagoons of the Toronto Islands for less than $30 each – what a deal. We highly recommend it if you want to see some of Toronto while seated.




1307119 July 24 Up On The Top Deck

We had to wait for a couple of buses and 1307116 July 24 Indian Mural On Young Stdid not get seats up top right away but soon enough to enjoy most of the tour of Toronto on a bright and sunny day. The tour guides were humorous enough while providing real information. As the bus made it’s way back to the stop at the harbour, we got off for the short walk down to the boat for the ‘Island Cruise’. Now none of our ladies can claim that we don’t take them to the islands!


At the end of 1307126 July 24 Marcia Dick Bill Ann On Ferrythe busy day, we made it back to one of our favourite eating spots in Waterdown, 1307131 July 24 The Toronto Skyline RuinedThe Royal Coachman – oh look, it’s another pub! After another terrific meal and some Guinness, we made it back to Bill & Ann’s to put a dent in his Maker’s Mark he picked up at the Duty Free.




1307139 July 25 Sitting At The Picnic TableWell, it`s a sad time as the ‘gang’ are head’n to their respective homes in Western New York and Michigan. We hosted the usual hitch-up breakfast, we don’t want them going hungry on the trip home.  Our neighbors, Randy & Norma, joined us for the good-bye breakfast.

In short time, they start to break camp and Bill & Ann get the 5’er connected and Dick & Marcia collect all their connections and stow the necessary items in the motorhome. We all agree that we need to do this again next year and after warm hugs, they are on their way. It was a terrific 2 1/2 days.

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  1. you guys are the consement hosts hands down ..nobody has better times when with you guys ..always busy and informed of the area ..should run a travel business,,humn IDEA number one ..lol ok good read as usual ttyl and huggs