Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Quiet Times

1306296 Jun 22 Week Long Quilting Of Carol Doak BOM


The last time I wrote, we had just arrived back from our Escapee chapter rally in Kingston. After a somewhat hectic week, it was a welcome reprise to do nothing but that is not usually in the cards. We still go out and attempt to find some geocaches – not too successful lately but not discouraged, we`re learning. We`re also looking for a new venue to get our kayak wet again, it`s been a long time since we were on the water.



1307024 July 07 Barb Wrapped In Her Completed Carol Doak QuiltBarb has been busy with the1306316 Jun 27 Barb Holding Dr Who Quilted Tablerunner various quilt projects she has underway. She follows several other quilter`s blogs and picks projects from there to work on. She has finished one project that she joined from the Carol Doak`s site. It turned out beautiful and the colours are magnificent as she snuggles under it on the left. Barb also started a hand embroidery project featuring silhouette figures of Dr. Who. This is all hand work  and she has turned the 1st six into a table runner. Way to go Barb!

1306287 Jun 20 Terry Puts New Table TogetherLast season, we picked up an inexpensive patio set to adorn our small but cute site. Late in the year, we had a very quick storm come through and damaged our awning and knocked over the umbrella and glass table. Yes, you guessed it, the umbrella pinched the table and it shattered like an auto window, thousands of glass pieces everywhere. We kept the legs with the intention of building a woo1306294 Jun 20 Barb Out On Bike Pathd top similar to our small camp table but when we priced out the wood, we ended up picking up a plastic table for half the price of wood! It seemed like a good idea at the time, more to come on that decision later.

We have been out on the bikes and always take time to smell the flowers along the way. This is a great area for bike and walking trails. We also found some 1306303 Jun 22 So Vibrant With Sun On Red Rosegeocaches nearby the local casino but they took some serious searching to find. 1307005 July 03 Do You See The Casino CacheSome geocachers find some unique places to hide their caches.

Our youngest daughter had us over for a belated father`s day luncheon. Dean & I took it easy on the deck while the ladies made lunch. Dean had to fire up and work the grill and I continued to hold down the lawn chair. I do enjoy other`s doing the work, somehow the food tastes 1306327 Jun 30 Dean Terry On Back Porchbetter!


We hope you enjoy our adventures and we’ll be back to share more soon…1306300 Jun 22 Nice Smelling White Flowers

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  1. nice to see you guys are still do a little of everything..geocache is very big in the southwest.read all the desert guys with there little sites..anyways good to read about you guys..huggs and ttyl from the Indiana fun spot..