Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Back to the Routine

The rally is over and we’re on our way back to our summer perch and try to find some normality. We stop off to visit with our daughter and grand kids. The kids have all grown like weeds over the winter. After a nice visit and watching the kids play in the playground, we were back on the road toward Toronto.1306191 Jun 09 Tiana In The Playground1306194 Jun 09 Lilly Alex On Slide1306197 Jun 09 Jessica In Blue







As we’re almost through the mega lane freeway, traffic comes to a grinding slow down and as you can see the cause in the 1306199 Jun 09 Fire On The 401picture. Wow, lots of flame and smoke there. We were delayed but not too long as it just happened, the fire crew arrived as we were coming upon the accident. Since we have been experiencing this life style for 13 years, one could argue that the odds of us having an accident are getting ‘better’ but of course, you can not think of it that way or people would not leave their homes.

Monday was Nathanial’s 8th birthday and we 1306200 Jun 09 Dinner At Terri And Marks With Sandradecided to park in Terri’s driveway to save the drive back and forth from our campground back into Toronto – about an hour each way. So, according to tradition, someone else cooks when we are traveling so thanks Terri! We had another nice visit as Mark’s mom is in town and we were able to catch up with her.

1306232 Jun 11 Barb Pinning The Three LayersTerri has a nice big counter which seconds as a quilting table when Barb is there! We don’t have room in the rig for Barb to easily pin her quilt top and back together for sewing so she was able to make use it during our visit.



1306213 Jun 10 Nate Eating His Birthday DinnerNathaniel is 8 today and Corrie invited us and Dean’s sister Bonnie over for dinner and to celebrate Nathaniel’s birthday. Corrie & Dean experiment a little with meals and Nathanial wanted a BBQ pizza cooked on a cedar plank. They prepare the pizza from scratch and shape it to the ‘plank’, dress it up with the toppings and cook it on the BBQ. Interesting and it tasted pretty good too. After dinner, Nathaniel opened his birthday gifts but did not get one from us – we mailed it at the end of May and he hasn’t received it yet – ya gotta love the postal service.




1306269 Jun 19 Size Does Matter GC3G74XWhile we were at the rally in Kingston, we attended a presentation on Geocaching. We have wanted to try it out and a couple of years back, 1306262 Jun 19 Barb Finds The Cachebought a Garmin handheld GPS so we could. After a few false starts, the durned thing went in a drawer! We have often watched at other rally’s and escapades to see if anyone was offering a ‘how to’ session and now we’re off. It is a fun way to get out and about, tramping through woods, over hill and dale to find a ‘cache’. We did 9 the first time out and learned some important things to do: 1/ use bug spray! 2/ set a way point when you leave the truck so you can find your way back! 1306261 Jun 19 Terry Looking For Cache3/ carry a knapsack with supplies as some of the hikes are over 1 kilometer. Our second effort wasn’t so successful but after we contacted the cache owner, we learned how to get started on a puzzle cache so we’re anxious to try again.

Stay tuned for more to come…..1306300 Jun 22 Nice Smelling White Flowers

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  1. will have to hide something for you to find ,sounds like fun ,have an old hand deld gps ,it wont take any updates ,but still has coordinates in it nice blog and ttyl and gr8 big huggs