Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Where Does the Time Go!

1208051 Aug 07 Out On Christie Lake It’s been quiet here. Barb has been working on a few quilting projects and I have fixed a couple of items that have sat long enough. All this ‘work’ and no play makes us boring so on Tuesday, we finally got the boat wet. We put in on Christi Lake, a conservation area close to our campground. We had a nice ride and left the boat inflated to make it more convenient for next time.

Wednesday was a busy day for us, Barb needed to renew her drivers license and  health card so I took the opportunity to update the sticker on the truck. Mark’s mom was in town so Mark invited us over for dinner and hey, a free meal, we’ll be there. The rest of the week was dampened by 1208070 Aug 11 Barb Terry Golf Coasters the rain but we certainly needed it. The wet weather outside encourage us to get even more accomplished indoors – Barb and her sewing and me – well, no chairs to cane so I guess I’ll take the top off the job jar.

While I was sitting contemplating the head on my beer, I can’t believe how time has passed. It seems like yesterday that we were arriving back in Ontario with plans to visit friends in Michigan and at the Finger Lakes in New York but now all that is history. We were anticipating the visit from John & Dianne and now that too is in the past. It seems like my loving bride and I  just tied the knot and we are still on our honeymoon. I can’t believe that we retired in 1996! And most of all, it is hard to believe that we have been on this ride of full timing for 12 years. Wow, where does the time go – it seems to zip by when your having fun!

We’re now becoming ‘seniors’ and I know all to soon that too will be in the past but at least with this milestone we will be eligible for our ‘seniors discount’ not to mention we are on that preverbal slipper slope!

Hope all is well where you are….

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  1. good story ,,muh wah ,,seniors haha ,,welcome to our world ,just think of all the extra money barb will have to spend on you ..ok ttyl and big huggs