Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Did Anyone see Where August Went

Barn Quilts Wow, zip and it was gone! We started the month by touring the area Barn Quilts which tell a story of the regions activities  during the War of 1812. We finally got the boat wet on Christi Lake Conservation area, checked out few more waterfalls in the area and Barb cleaned up a few quilt projects.


Out On Christie Lake


The Great Falls In Waterdown

  Spencers For Dinner Wow Barb The memorable moments in August started on Barb’s birthday. We enjoyed her favorite breakfast then jumped in the boat and zipped around the lake again. Terri and Mark insisted onHave you ever seen 4 better looking people? taking us to dinner to celebrate Barb’s entry into the special group of people. They hosted us at Spencer’s, on the waterfront in Burlington, a very nice eatery. They presented Barb with roses and a gift basket from Laura Secord. Barb had an Elk burger and I had a Buffalo steak – the food, atmosphere and the company was fantastic. It was a wonderful day.


Barb Decorating The Table


On Sunday, we asked all our kids to gather at Christi Lake to help celebrate both our birthdays – mine is only a couple of weeks away. We took our boat anTerri Arrives With Canoe - Whew, that was a long portage from Toronto!d Terri & Mark brought both of theirs so we would have  enough  for all to have fun on the water. The weather was perfect and Barb & I went over early to select the perfect picnic spot that was close to the beach area for the grandkids. We got busy decorating the tables and getting the BBQ set up. We didn’t have any time to kick back before our kids started to arrive and the party began. Swimming, boating – well some of the older grandsons couldn’t keep the canoe up right - enjoying the company and of course, have lunch. Barb took Terri’s kayak out for a spin and zipped down and back on the lake like a pro! Even the Golf Ladders got some exercise. It was great fun and a nice celebration but as always and too quickly, the day comes to a close and the clean up begins.


Some of the kids on the beach Barb In Terri's Kayak - Go Babe Nate With Surf Board

Drinking, eating - all is good! Jessica Playing Golf Ladders Time to eat. Move over! Tiana Plays Golf Ladders Going Out On The Boats  Mark Playing Golf Ladders With Terry

Taking Hobie To The Truck - this is supposed to be light! 

To slowPeanut Mural things down a little and do more touring, we set out to Norfolk County to view some more Barn Quilts. Our tour took us over to Nanicoke, one of Ontario’s largest electric power generating stations and a deep water port for the Erie Steel Works.  Port Dover is always a cute little port town where thousands of ‘bikers’ converge on Friday the 13th. We stopped off at the Kernal Peanut farm to get some fresh peanuts. And yes, John, we did mange to find a location to get an ice cream cone.

Barb & I even hit the driving range a couple of times because Terri & Mark invited us down to the cabin for a golf weekend and we did not want to embarrass ourselves on the course again – the last time we golfed with Terri and Mark, we hadn’t played for about 18 months and both of us had a hard time breaking 100. This was going to be fun and we were both looking forward to the ‘golf getaway’ and hopefully regain some of our golf skills! That weekend came and went by so quickly and I will regale you with those activities in the next posting so stay tuned.

Hope all is well where ever you are….  Blue Heron Joins Our Party to say goodbye

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