Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

200 Years

There is a lot of ads on the TV and radio about the war between Canada and the USA back in 1812. Wow, that was 200 years ago and our borders are still fairly open. I don’t normally write about political stuff and your wondering what this blog is about – we still are in our RV, enjoying all that both our lands offer. You can read more on the war of 1812 here.

Window To The Past #9 Brant Museum When John & Di were down, Di gave Barb a Woodland Cultural #10 Mohawk St Brantford newspaper article about the ‘Patchwork of our Past’. It is a Barn Quilt Trail that was created to tell a story of the events during the War of 1812 from a woman’s point of view. Barb & I still try to set one day aside each week to tour our area in search of wondrous scenes or adventures that are in abundance around our lands. So, Barb went online and downloaded more information into her Kindle and we set off to find and tour this Barn Quilt Trail in our area.

Bells Telephone #12 Tutela Heights RdClick here to view that  web site for this trail. Each Barn Quilt has a narrative that explains the Quilt. We decided to do this trail by area and started on the area closest to us – Brant County.

Here are some of the pictures of this art. We hope you enjoy them as muchMcAlister Thistle #15 At Their Farm as we enjoyed finding them.



Edgar Fields #4 Rest Acres Rd Paris On The Grand #5 Our Mount Pleasant Home #18 Pioneer CemeteryJacobs Ladder #13 Red Robin Quilt Shop

Thursday was the monthly Escapee Chapter 18 luncheon  held at the Manchuria Garden in London, a Chinese buffet. Lots of camaraderie and of course food. We ate with John & Di, Jack & Barb & Ray & Donna – I’m sure you remember those names. Anyway, Barb had to get a wheel barrow to get me out to the truck as everyone there held me down and forced me to eat too much! I had arranged for truck service – I could go on another tirade here and moan Chapter 18 Luncheonabout the goofyness of getting an E test on our diesel engine since all they do is observe the exhaust for 5 minutes while the engine is running and then ding me $39.00 but I won’t. While we waited for the truck service, we met up with Ron & Vicki – long time friends,

Vicki was Barb’s neighbor before we married. We had an  enjoyable couple of hours visiting. Back on the road home and we decided to take the ‘scenic route’ and what do we find? More Barn Quilts! What a neat surprise. Milky Way Barn Quilt

These are not part of the war of 1812 story but interesting just the same and their story can be read here.

This weekend is the Civic Holiday here in Canada and the park will be full again. We try to keep our heads down and don’t do much as the ‘worker bees’ get out on the roads for a holiday. But there was a huge garage sale event in St George on Saturday and we had to go and try to find more rocking chairs for me to cane. I’m sure we hit almost every street in this small community in search but none were found. Garage sales are the ultimate in recycling, moving your junk to someone else so later they can put it in their garage sale!

With that pearl, I will let the dust settle on this posting. Hope all is well out there…..

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  1. overeat ,,not the rest of us ,burp, anyways great as always to see you guys ,as if we would not want to keep in touch , those barns are so neat and nobody knows about them unless the historical society does a spread about them,, shame on us ,,i guess ,,ok ttyl and huggs till next time