Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Back to Normal!

Well, after the past week of excitement, we are trying to get back to normal. The humid weather has taken its toll on my bride but we are doing what we can. Barb has resumed her sewing and finished one project and onto another. Me, I am still working on the same chair. Thanks goodness, I’m not depending on my memory as I would still be wondering what strip of cane goes where!

Some folks moved in across the street and were having some problems disconnecting their tow vehicle so I went over to assist. They were newbies and needed some coaching on a few things about their rig so falling back on my ‘walk through’ experience, I tried to help them out. All that talking is exhausting so more time for me in the lounger under the awning!

We didn’t do any touring this week as we spent all day Thursday in Toronto. I had a doctors appointment, we stopped to have lunch with Larry, stopped at Corrie’s to see Mack & Nate, stopped to see Terri & Mark’s new pergola and had to go to A1 Electronics to get a part for the fridge. Whew, what a busy day.

The fridge has a fan in the back to help cool the condenser which increases the efficiency of the fridge. It runs from a thermister that is mounted on the condenser. The fan has not been coming on and after a little trouble shooting; I determined that I needed to change the thermister. Friday, I replaced it and now the fan runs fine so we’ll see if it really does improve the cooling of the fridge!

The long weekend is here and the park is quite full. They held a Karaoke event Saturday night and no, we didn’t go and punish all with my dulcet tones! Even with all the added campers, it is still quiet. This gave me more time to finish ‘the’ chair. Yes, that’s correct, finally completed one of the pair!

I checked on the fan in the back of the fridge in this heat to see if it was working and wouldn’t you know it’s a DC motor and when you reverse the positive and negative leads (hook it up backwards), the fan runs backward! It was blowing air down the fridge and not up! So I had to make a quick change there!

Tuesday, we met George & Dottie (friends from the Plantation) at Walmart in Guelph as they passed through Ontario to get to Maine from Michigan. Thanks goodness, they have a generator and could put on the A/C as we sat and chit chatted! After an enjoyable sit, we wandered over to Montana’s for lunch/dinner. When we came out, the weather had changed and threatening rain but somewhat cooler. Dottie is more than paranoid about big cities and heavy traffic when traveling in their motorhome. They asked when would be the best time to go through Toronto! We gave a short laugh and said the Hwy 401 is busy all the time, even the wee hours of the morning but after 10am would be a good time. And of course, this is construction season so roll the dice! After a fun visit, we were on our way back north and arrived home about 9PM!

Another long day for a couple of retired RVers. We hope all is well with you, were ever you are….

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  1. should have a loyalty card from montanas ,will get free food soon,,i hear negotiations have gone well ,and all is well with the tool box caper,hehe,ok thats all for now and huggs and ttyl ,as usual another interesting blog ..