Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

An Elvis Sighting in Collingwood

So it is true, Elvis lives! If I hadn’t seen him with my own eyes, well, you know the story. While we were sitting around on Thursday, we learned that it was the annual Elvis Fest in Collingwood. I asked if anyone was interested in driving down and having a look see and without hesitation, the ladies said yes! The parade with Elvis started at 9AM so we had to leave by 7:30! We loaded our lawn chairs and all the Elvis fans into the truck and our first stop was Timmy’s!

We roll into Collingwood with time to spare we made our way to Main Street to find a suitable place along the parade route. The shady side was full so we sat in the sun but it wasn’t long before the fire trucks came along. Another Elvis, wow, look at all the Elvis look-a-likes. They came from all over the world and the winning Elvis came from London, England. Now that is a mile or two from Memphis! All the Elvis’s sat or stood in classic cars. Some had their own cars like Roy LeBlanc. He had a stretch limo and was standing out of the sun roof serenading the fans as he made his way along the parade route. One was on his Harley and he also sang as he proceeded down the route. We were only 6 of thousands standing along the parade route and walking along Main Street. Di, Donna and Barb even got their picture taken with a tall Elvis in white. Boy all they talked about after was how great he smelled. Our St. Thomas group knows Roy LeBlanc, an amazing Elvis impersonator, who is singing at Blue Mountain Village. We head to Blue Mountain but go to the hotel instead of the village and using our GPS we find we are only 500 meters away. Parking was hard to find and we had a lengthy walk but still got to the village common with plenty of spare time. No shade and high temperatures but we persevered and watched most of the concert. One lady got real lucky as Elvis pulled her out of the audience and danced with her. I think the three ladies with us would love to have danced with him too!Link

The village was very busy, not only for the free Elvis concerts ongoing through the day but also with mountain bikers.

People were riding the ski lifts to the top and some more adventurous and possibly younger, were riding their BMX bikes down the mountain! I’d be okay with the ride up but I’d also be bringing the same ride back down!

We all agreed it was time to take to the shade and have some lunch so off to a neat little road house, The Beaver and Bullfrog in Collingwood. After, we went back to the rigs for more ladder golf, beverages and to kick back!

Sunday, Barb & I did a ‘hitch up’ breakfast for our friend’s departure! It was a great week with friends and we were all sad their visit came to and end! Larry was at his boat so he drove over from Honey Harbor to visit and have dinner with us what a great treat!

Well, we’re back to our normal routine albeit moving slowly through this humid weather. We hope you’re able to keep cool where ever you are…..

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  1. super pics ,gr8 story as always ,good wordsmithing,is that a word ,???,humn ,ok thanks for the week and the getaway breakfast ,had a gr8 time ,huggs and ttyl..