Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures


You probably thought that I was going to start out by telling the story of when we stayed at the Walmart in Surprise Arizona, on our way to the Escapee Park in Congress! But you’re wrong. I’m going tell a story of my Bride’s birthday surprise.

Terri called to say they will stop by on their way to Killarney on a canoe camping trip! Wow, that’s a long way off their route! I took the call and didn’t tell Barb about the plans. Things happen and Terri and Mark were having technical difficulties with their Koi pond which had to be fixed before going away. So Terri drove all the way from their cabin in New York on Saturday to have dinner with her mom for her birthday. That was a neat surprise for Barb. Terri ended up staying over and we chatted and played cards into the night! Barb was thrilled with this surprise.

Monday we completed our 5K walk and after we decided to update our passports since they expire at the end of September – wouldn’t want to have any difficulties going south in the winter! So, after we got our pictures done, the government paperwork completed, we head to the bike trial in Owen Sound. This time we went east, back toward the highway. OMG, it is all up hill and by the time we reached the 3K mark, our legs were on fire! Thank goodness the trail was downhill back to the truck or we may have had to call a cab! After dinner, our neighbors asked us to join their campfire. We agreed and the campground owners joined in and we had a great time talking about just about everything. Curly told us it took him over 10 years to get his campground approved through the town council! How frustrating would that have been? Wow!

Barbie’s birthday was her regular quilt day but we went touring instead! We only had 2 more water falls to see in the area, Weaver and Indian Falls. Weaver falls was ok but nothing too dramatic but an easy walk. Indian Falls was much better and the walk definitely not to be considered easy! A short path of rocks leads us down to the stream and then we had to walk over rocks and tree roots. Soon, the path lead us up hill about 45 meters but the steps were the kind that someone had cut into the terrain and most were a stretch to get to. Once up top, the path was a bit better but you still had to watch for the tree roots! The view from the top of the falls was pretty good. After getting all the pictures, we decided to go back and walk into the falls from the bottom. Finding an appropriate access onto the stream and up toward the falls was sometimes difficult but we made it. We had to stop a few times to let young folks by on their way to swim in the pools at the bottom and stand under the falls as it cascades over the rocks. By the time we got back to the truck, we were ready for a nap!

Since we were part way up the west coast of Georgian Bay, we decided to continue along the Scenic Drive on Grey Road 1 to Wiarton. We’re sure it was a scenic drive sometime but all we saw were big houses and lots of trees. Every now and then we’d get a glimpse of the water through the openings of driveways. We stopped at the boat ramp at Big Bay to stretch and get a few pictures. We learned it was the unofficial ‘Rock Skipping Capital of Canada’! The beach was covered in round smooth rocks just right for skipping. After a few throws, we decided we were out of practice and took a walk out on the breakwater. IMHO, anywhere around Georgian Bay is just beautiful. We continue to be thankful for this lifestyle, to be able to see and experience this!

The next day we relaxed by cutting grass and weeding the gardens and the tomato box! After some awning time, Barb and I continued on our crafty projects. Barb is cutting out 7 bears from that coat and I have finished my chairs. The next blog entry will highlight our fun re-doing the bathroom floor – again!

Hope all is well where ever you are…..

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  1. we have just got back from the nascar race in mich . weather was good here ,but not there we hear and read.hope it missed u guys there ,wow poor goderich another gr8 read and hope for more stories ..ttyl and huggs