Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

More of the Same

After a whirl wind trip to meet up with friends from the Plantation, we settle in and continue our walks and stuff. Wednesday is blood donor day which I try to do as often as possible. The Canadian Blood Services like my O neg blood! I finally found someone who will look at our DVR that got smoked last December during our power surge. Yes, we did purchase a new one but I figured if not too expensive, we will have a recorder for the bedroom TV system! We’ll see where this takes us!

Barb is embarking on a new project and we stopped by the fabric shop in Owen Sound to pick up a few things. We had planned on launching the kayak at the beach there but the wind was up and the waves a bit too choppy for us so back home.

The weather is not warm enough so Barb picked up this fake fur coat to keep her warmer! I know, you’re wondering why I can’t do the job - right? Oh! She is just cutting it up to make teddy bears! You better get your orders in quick! This ‘fur’ is in great shape and will look great as bears! While Barb was doing that, I started my second chair! It is symmetrical with equal holes on each side and front and back so it may be a little easier to cane!

On Saturday, we were up earlier than usual and headed on in to Meaford to wander through some of the yard and garage sales going on. Thanks Dottie for the inspiration! We got to 5 of them but all were selling toddler and kid’s clothes – not what we’re looking for! We drove by the beach and the lake was as calm as a mirror so what the hell, lets launch! We followed the shore along the lake for about 3 kms and viewed many nice homes and cottages. Apparently we were not the only ‘smart’ boaters taking advantage of the beautiful conditions; there were lots of pleasure boats out and lots of fishermen. We also met a couple of young adults on their paddle boards heading toward the Meaford Harbor and back. So, our up and out early was not wasted!

Monday is our usual 5kms walk and after lunch, we took a bike ride from Thornbury to Lara Bay along the old rail tracks. Except for not being along the water, it was a pleasant ride. After, we rode over to the river and viewed a different fish ladder. The ladder is a different design – to us anyway and we have seen several, all the way out to the Hell’s Gate on the Fraser River in BC. Anyway, this ladder is a separate canal built beside the dam that has natural looking pools built with rocks and the fish can jump up into each level as it winds back and forth until it reaches the top. I’m sure the pictures explain it better than I do!

Wednesday’s are our normal travel and site seeing day but it was wet, cool and miserable here so we ‘squirreled’ up inside all day.

We decided to mosey over to see my brother Larry at his boat on the east coast of Georgian Bay. The views from the top of the Blue Mountains toward Georgian Bay are always spectacular on clear days and today (Friday) they did not disappoint us! Larry is at a different marina this year and is enjoying life on his boat. After some chit chat and lunch, we headed out the south end of Beausoleil Island, around to the north and back through the north channels and back to the marina. It was a nice trip and even on a Friday, the waters were busy with lots of other water craft! With all the coves and bays, this would be an excellent place for our kayaking adventures. We’ve looked around in the past but did not find a suitable RV park – we think the Escapees have raised our standards!

Hope all is good where ever you are…..

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  1. ya look at home in the yacht,,not a choice now but oh well...ok good read as usual,ttyl and huggs