Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Back in the Groove

We are back on site near Meaford and want to get back to a semblance of normal. We have the 5K walk coming up this weekend and continue to walk on alternate days. Once back, we checked the weather to see if we could expect 3 days of dryness and yes, we get to paint the deck now! It dried in a couple of hours for the second coat so all done in a day but it has to cure for 72 hours. We can get in and out with walking on it so no hardship there.

Our plants were a little thirsty but with some TLC from Barb, they are coming back nicely. I continued with my chairs, trying to get the wood finished so I can start
canning them. We think they will look great. Barb has her sewing centre set up again and is continuing with her placemat project. She has also finished her latest wood carving project and I’m sure you will agree it looks great!

Wednesday, we toured around Sauble Beach and Sauble Falls. It was a first time for us in the Sauble Beach area. We had a picnic lunch beside the falls and watched the kids jumping over the falls into a deep pool (we hope it was a deep pool)! We were surprised that kids were not tubing over the
cascades but maybe that was because their parents were nearby! After our lunch and watching the ‘entertainment’, we went to the beach. As we drove down to it, the mist was rolling in and it cooled
considerably so playing in the sand another day! Our return trip took us through Wairton and back to Owen Sound. We rolled up to a stop light and the vehicle next to us was trying to talk to us…. He wanted to know if we wanted to sell the truck! We said no but he persisted at the next light and asked us to take his number if we changed our mind! That was weird!

The rest of the week we walked 3 Kms (still getting ready for our 5K walk on Saturday), stained between the boards of the deck and used the remainder of the stain on the picnic table. Barb finished up one of her quilting projects and
continued on another until she ran out of thread! We both started some new things too. Barb started carving a plaque to replace our name plaque that has outlived its usefulness. I started weaving the cane on the infamous chairs!

Our neighbor was having problems with their roof A/C and asked for some help. Apparently they had the rig in for service last fall – they had to have a new roof and side put on as he tangled with a booth and lost! Anyway, the RV dealer took the A/C off and repaired the roof and re-installed it. It hasn’t worked since and of course, they said it was tested before it left the shop! With the dealer on the phone with me, we checked all the connections and lights etc. The dealer says the only possible solution was a seized motor! So up I go to remove the cowling and see if it is. After I get all the stuff off to actually see the motor, I see a couple of connections that are not connected and have suspicious feelings whizzing through me! I stick the wiring harness back down into the coach and scramble down and re-connect them into the control board and holy crap, the A/C kicks on! Wow, and it worked when it left the shop!

On your mark!!!!! It is race day and we’re up early doing our stretches – fooled ya’s didn’t I? We were up early so we could get down to Meaford – about a 15 minute drive and get signed in and do some people watching! At 9 sharp, we were all lined
up – runners and walkers and the gun went off! By the time we got a couple hundred feet under our belt, we know we had set a pace that was too quick and it wasn’t long before the ‘shin splints’ were affecting my bride! Barb was in terrible pain for the remainder of the 5K! Our daughter suggested they are caused by dehydration and her mom should drink more water! But you all know the equation, water in, water out! So, we slowed a little and Barb limped along, head down and trying very hard not to give in to the aches! As the KMs ticket by, Barb was determined not to let our donor pledges down and continued to trudge along. To our surprise, we actually beat our normal time of 1 hour, 2 minutes for 5Kms and came in under 57 minutes! Yea Barbie! The remainder of the day was spent on the deck, under the awning, on our duffs staying cool and re-hydrating ourselves!

Well, we hope all is good for you out there……


  1. proud of you guys for doin the walk,we knew ya would anyways ,ok see you guys soon ,and yes got all the directions ,i think ,ttyl and huggs

  2. Congrats on the walk and on fixing the AC. I always knew Barb kept you around for some reason.
    Miss you, hopefully see you in LA.