Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Another Week in Paradise

Barb & I had an enjoyable 5+K bike ride today along the Owen Sound harbor. We didn’t see any dolphins as we did in Rockport, Texas but it was just as enjoyable. We also found a good place to put the kayak in so maybe in the near future it will get wet again – it’s been too long! More in town, we stopped to read some of the history of the harbor and watch divers as they make repairs to the ‘sea wall’ of the harbor.

We are continuing on our little projects, Barb is finishing her golf placemats and started on a quilted tote bag and me on my caning. Thanks goodness I bought the how to caning book as my memory of “how to” from Bob at the plantation is a little off – ok, more than a little!

Wednesday is tour day so we decide to venture south of here to see some waterfalls – 3 in total. We started at the furthest one away and made our way back home. It was not a difficult drive and McGowan, Hoggs and Eugenia waterfalls were good, great views and lots of water. When we were at Eugenia, we were a little disappointed as we could not really view the falls from a good angle. As we were approaching our truck, another couple told us to take a different trail in order to see the ‘breath taking’ view as advertised! It was great and glad these other folks spoke up! As we were leaving, we spied a small bakery and stopped to buy some ‘home made’ bread and it was fantastic! One can not say enough about these small towns and their little boutiques! Our route home from here took us through Beaver Valley – one of the better ski hills in the area and we stopped at a small conservation areahttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif dedicated to John Muir, a “Scottish-American naturalist and preservationist” and spent a few minutes taking in the views overlooking Beaver Valley toward the Blue Mountains. We stopped for dinner at a fish and chip restaurant in Meaford. We will not recommend it to others when asked.

The remainder of the week was our regular stuff, walking, quilting, caning, site maintenance and some shopping. When we got back from a busy day out yesterday, we were surprised by our neighbors when they brought us a couple bottles of wine and garden light in appreciation of our help.

So our week ended on a happy note and we hope yours is also going well…..

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  1. ok now we are here ,,we will see how much is really done .. hehe, boy i bet i'll be tired now ,ok nice blog ,again, ttyl and huggs