Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

These past couple of weeks has been great. We’ve done some sightseeing, biking, boating and doing some much needed maintenance upkeep on the trailer! Barb has been able to get some catch up done on a few sewing projects, start a new pine needle basket project and complete a shirret rug project. It’s great to have been able to put the jacks down long enough to clean up some of these things!

But, we have also been busy helping our oldest daughter decorating her home. Terri and Mark decided that instead of paying a stranger to do some of the tasks (painting, electrical work, sewing etc), they asked us if we would appreciate some CASH and help them out a little! Well, we’re not doing well with the lottery so why not!

We are also winding down to be ready for the Escapee 50th Escapade in Goshen, In. We leave here on Wednesday to meet up with friends to caravan down to the Escapade. It’s going to be fun!

Fall is starting to show up around here! Some of the trees are starting to turn, the flies are terrorizing us and the apple trees are loaded! Time to start thinking about the winter nesting areas!

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