Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
Aug 6
Ok, so now we are trying to find a suitable campground to get the jacks down for a month before we head off to the Escapee Escapade in Goshen In. We’re not asking for much, full hook ups (don’t want pump out service because then we have to dump to someone else’s schedule!), satellite friendly, lake or river nearby since we now have a boat and finally, something fairly close to conveniences and all that at a fair price! Well, we have toured 4 different campgrounds that range in price from $500 to $1,100 per month! Ouch, the $1,100 one was parking us in the ‘field transient sites’ at the daily rate of $40/day and discounting the rate to $1,100! Now, how good is that? We don’t want to buy the campground, we just want to rent a site for a month! Most of the cg’s are shabby looking at the entrance and tight roads with grass sites! We wouldn’t mind paying a little more per month if we received some benefit like cement pads and a patio. Instead, we get the privilege to park on the grass and step out into the mud where the previous tenant had their patio mat! I guess this is competition for the cottage industry!

Aug 9
We moved out of Larry’s and into our present campground. The drive up was uneventful except for the construction.

This one is near perfect! If the roads were a bit wider for maneuvering, all would be good. The entrance was clean, the campground is clean, no shabby units or clutter lying around and the price is reasonable! Now if was only on the water!

Aug 11
We toured around Owen Sound for a bit and there is a lot to do here so we’ll be exploring some more!

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  1. ok its the 16th of aug ,monday , we just got home from mich and am reading this little blurb and wishes you all luck on finding the perfect campground..i knew of one but it closed when the tenants moved to town ,ah but thats another story hehekeep in touch and will ttyl and see u guys real soon ,,might be too far to catch up beforew the rally but will see ..