Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Our First Caravan

We left Owen Sound mid day so we would not arrive at the WalMart in Sarnia too early. The ride down was a casual meander except for some construction along the way.

On Thursday, we met up with John & Di, Ray & Donna and Jack and Barb at the Duty Free shop at the border and started our journey. After an easy border crossing, we all caught up and wandered down to the WalMart in Sturgis, Michigan for the night. After shopping and dinner, 8 of us crowded around our table for a rousing game of Mexican Train, a few wobbly pops, lots of laughs and good times!

In the morning, Ray & Donna's fridge was not working and had to move all their food. So, the four guys huddled around to diagnose the problem - scary scene! We thought it could be a bad battery, poor connections, blown fuses or no charge voltage from the tow vehicle! Hummmm….. let’s go and get to the campground in Goshen, get connected and see if the battery charges from the converter!

The ride from Sturgis to the campground took us through Amish country! We had to be watchful of horse and buggies on the roads. The Amish farms are immaculately clean and well maintained. You get a sense of a peaceful and calm atmosphere as you pass by the farms. We arrive early, get parked and set up and the converter is charging so it looks like the problem was loose connections on the battery and no charge voltage from the tow vehicle.

The rest of the day, we get acquainted with the campground and the layout of the Rally, register for the rally and volunteer activities. We met up with our friends from Georgia and Hastings, Ont. The Plantation in Alabama hosted a pot luck dinner and we were able to speak to many new friends that we made when we were there in 2009.

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