Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Back to New Brunswick

July 19
We had an enjoyable ride to the Confederation Bridge but could not cross until we stopped at the Gateway Village again for more souvenirs! You can’t spend this much time on PEI without getting an original PEI Dirt Shirt!

While we’re stopped here, we called ahead for a camp site in Alma, NB. We don’t normally make reservations but we found out that the Canadian National Parks charge for the privilege of making a reservation, the campsite and you are charged the daily rate to access the park. So for 3 nights in a National Park with a reservation could cost you $10 for the reservation, $30 for the campsite and $13 for the day pass would be $139! Ouch!

We booked into Bayview Cabins and campground and told the lady that we needed space for a 40 foot 5th wheel. She said ‘no problem’! As we roll up the campground driveway, she greets us smiling and apologizing! The only site left is only suitable for a camper to van type RV! She was very nice about the mix up – she admitted that she didn’t know how long 40 feet was! She suggested we leave our rig there in the yard while we go into town to try and find a more suitable camp site. After our short tour, we find nothing so we return to Bayview and agree to stay in the parking lot until AM when another more suitable site is available! We recommend this campground to anyone coming this way! Very nice to deal with!

July 20
We move onto a nice deep site and finish setting up for another 2 nights. After lunch we tour over to Cape Enrage and were not disappointed! The drive over was spectacular. We stopped at Waterside to walk on the beach with the tides out, view the seaside cliffs and just be in awe of the tides here too.

Cape Enrage provides spectacular views. We arrived just as the fog was clearing and we could just start to see the coast of Nova Scotia peeking through! We stood next to the lighthouse as it was sounding the fog horn – you could feel it as well as hear it! We went down the 90+ steps to the ocean floor for a little fossil hunting.

The tides are starting to come back in and we wanted to return to Waterside to see the difference. Wow, almost as dramatic as Hopewell Rocks! We continued back to Alma, we needed an ice cream fix! We watched the activities on the fishing wharf, talked to some of the fishermen on how they set the stand (cribs) for the fishing boats to sit on when the tides were out and watched one of them drop off frozen herring as bait for the lobster traps.

The boats are starting to return and the wharf is getting crowed with onlookers like us to see the catch. Wow, we watched one boat unload their cases. Each case averaged 120 pounds and they had 8 cases. There were 6 boats – that’s a lot of lobster in only one fishing village! Look at the size of these 2! There is enough meat there to feed a small country!

July 21
The day before moving day so we decide to kick back and have a slower paced day. We play a few games then head into town to pick up a lobster for dinner. The lobsters in the tank are huge! The same guy we spoke with on the wharf is also behind the counter here and helps us select one. Did you know a 1 pound lobster is 10 years old? He took us out the back to show us their process for the live lobsters. They have 2 tanks of cooled salt water. The first tank is used to purge the graded lobsters – let them poop out the bait etc that they have eaten while in the traps. Then they transfer them to the second tank that has cool, clear salt water. They will stay here for shipping and/or selling through their store.

We picked out a 3 pounder for Mack & I and ½ pound of scallops for Barb and back to the trailer for our little feast after a rousing game of Mexican train on the picnic table! Hummmm good!

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  1. wow ice cream,lobsters and scallops humn need to have the cast iron tummy of the longtimers...ok hope to see you guys soon ..lunch in london on the thurs of the fifth ..ttyl and hugs