Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
I forgot to mention that a ‘guy’ came around the campground on Tuesday, July 13th selling ‘fresh’ clams, $2 for a pound. I said sure, lets’ try them. Dinner was ready and it didn’t include clams so we put them in water for the next day. Well, I think if some of us were to see the food before we eat them, we probably wouldn’t, especially with clams! Not appetizing and they even looked worse after we cooked them up (we only did a few so not to waste them)! So I gave them to a neighbor – who was a local – and he took them and cooked them up right away. Later the next day, he said they did not smell good and looked worse, so he didn’t eat them either – so we must have bought ‘old’ clams!

July 14
It’s raining today so no biking or hiking but we do a road trip that takes us to a wool mill and a potato museum! The potato museum was fascinating. Did you know potatoes originated in the Andes of Peru? Lots of information including how nutritious they are for us! Imagine that, and we thought they are not good for our bodies! So what can be so wrong with chips and French fries!

July 15
Moving day again. We’re not far from our next campground so we take the more scenic route along the north shore of PEI and across the island to Summerside. We arrive to a great welcome by the park staff and they have done everything they could to accommodate us. The sites are small but they gave us one of the bigger ones and we could park however we could to fit! So, we pulled it in on a 45 degree angle – getting out may be a problem but we’ll worry about that when we get there!

We got set up, took at look at the beach and decided it was suitable to launch the boat. Finally, we’re able to get out on the water! The three of us took turns in the boat and had a great time. This park is ideal for launching out little craft! The rest of the day was hanging out and enjoying the weather and the beach area. As the tide waters receded, Mack and Barb ventured out several hundred feet to see what goes on under the sea! They found lots of hermit crabs, quahogs, and tusk shells. The tides here are not as dramatic as Fundy Bay but the shallowness makes it neat none the less!

July 16
Today, we spent the day in Charlottetown. It was a relatively short drive over from Summerside but a side trip to the Haunted Mansion in Kensington made it seem shorter! As we entered the Mansion, I had to watch my step because I knew all 3 of us would fall as the other 2 ‘fraidy cats’ were right on my heels! It was well done with a great garden area after the Mansion tour.

We carried onto Charlottetown via the lesser traveled roads for a more scenic route with less traffic! We decided to follow the small walking tour they provide by following a scavenger hunt through the downtown while learning about some of the history of the city. We wandered around the harbor shops and had lunch on a balcony, overlooking the harbor and park. It was very enjoyable! After a fun filled day, we boarded the Hippoboat for a city and harbor tour. It was a great way to end a busy day!

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  1. you are sure doin a lot of things there ,,its like a section of michelins tour of the east coast book..got to go and see all of it ,, ok good thing you didnt eat the clams ,prolly been food poisoned ,not nice to be sick in closed up spaces ,,did you find the ice cream places there ,what are they out there ..oh yea COWS,right ,,its good when we had some when we where there ..ok got to run and ,i willcheck out the site more often ..ttyl and hugs