Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
July 17
Up and at’em today, no sleeping in! We’re off to Cavendish Beach and North Rustico for the ‘cardboard boat’ races! What, cardboard boats with people in them? Yikes!

Again, our navigator took us via the more scenic routes and we arrive in Cavendish and head to the beach. Beautiful white sand beaches with red cliffs is a very dramatic contrast. It is a terrific vacation area and lots of tourists with lots of things to do. We continue down the road and found a nice little spot to pull over and sit at the sea shore, have a picnic lunch, skip rocks and watch the ocean! And who forgot to put the lawn chairs in the truck?!

Soon we arrive at North Rustico for the boat races! There were 9 teams building their boats from sheets of cardboard, duct tape and plastic sheets (for water proofing). Some were decorated up and some were pretty simple! Then, down to the dock to launch! They had to paddle their boats out about 500 feet, around the bouy and back to the dock. Two didn’t make it out more than 50 feet before the ‘captain’ was fully in the water, dragging his/her boat behind them! It was good fun and something we had not seen before.

Before leaving, we drive out to the lighthouse for a view and ice cream, then to the fish market for some fresh mussels. Hummmm good! Back to the campground for a snack and to watch the kite boarders zipping up and down the shore.

July 18
Today we try a lobster roll at a local eatery then bike our way into Summerside and arrive at Spinnakers Landing, Summerside’s harbor shopping spot! The remainder of the day was hanging out at the park, putting stuff away and getting ready to move on.

Our next entry will be from New Brunswick as we start our trek homeward. It’s been a fun filled time on this beautiful island paradise!

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  1. not that i would not love to own an ice cream shop close to where you stay,maybe i could just buy the little wagon and follow you around ,,pay for my camping with the sales hehe..wow what a lot of things ur doin ,,again wow ,busy , ok huggs and ttyl