Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Well, as always, when we stay for long periods, sometimes we are not happy to be leaving, like this Monday. This week has us doing a lot of clean up of crafts and outside chores to get us ready to start our journey north. Barb finished off her sewing, beading and pine needle weaving projects and put all her stuff away. So this is what our livingroom is suppose to look like, not a craft centre. I continued with the washing and waxing of the rig so it will travel smoother through the wind! We still managed time for our 2 miles walks and a boat rides. The pelicans were very busy catching dinner and gliding inches above the water as they fish!

Thursday, we took the day off from the 'put away' chores and traveled down the coast to the National Seashore on Padre Island. Lots of sand and thundering waves as they crashed on the shore. The Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle comes to shore on Padre Island to lay their eggs and we were about a week too early! The park had volunteers riding up and down the beach in ATVs on turtle watch. Be sure to read the links on the Nation Seashore for more information, it is quite interesting. Except for the wildlife, there's not too much difference between here and the Outer Banks in North Carolina – lots of sand and sea!

Back to the routine on Friday but during our errands, we found out about the Sandfest celebrations happening in Port Aransas so we had to go there on Saturday! We waited for the ferry for almost 90 minutes and were 2 miles back from the ferry docks! The next challenge on the island was to find a parking spot! It took us an hour to drive through the beach area where Sandfest was occurring and we found a spot that was about ¾ mile away! Cars, trucks and trailers were double and triple parked on the beach, people and kids everywhere! This goes against our personal rules regarding crowds but hey, it's an opportunity we're not likely to see again. There were several sand sculptures and some were really good. It was interesting to see how the craftsmen and women worked with the sand to form their sculpture – lots of pails and paint brushes and I'm sure patience! At every sculpture, someone was walking around with a spray bottle or lawn fertilizer sprayer soaking the sand so it would hold. All in all, it was a neat experience.

Today (Sunday) is put stuff away day – pack up the boat, the lawn chairs, outdoor carpet, solar lights and grill. One last bike ride over to Rockport Beach and we're ready to head out Monday morning. Our next destination is just up the road to Goose Island State Park. We're parking right on Copano Bay, 20 feet away from the shore! Here is a map and we will be in one of the Bay Front sites. Barb is itchin' to put on her hip waders and get her fish'n line wet!

Hope all is good out there, we'll be back north soon.....

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