Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

We arrived at the State Park to see Patti standing the in the middle of the road waving to us like a mad woman! It was a great reception! The check in was pretty simple as Sean and Patti had put our name on the site right next to them – of course I gave Sean a hard time about that and suggested he should have put us on a site at the other end of the camp ground ;)

It's been a wonderful time here with Sean & Patti. It was good to kick back and hear stories and travels of each others adventures. The last time we met up with them was at the Escapee Gillette Wyoming Escapade in 2008. We had lots to talk about and there was not a dull moment. We parted on Thursday, looking forward to the next time we are in close proximity to meet up again.

The weather did not cooperate with us during our stay parked by the seashore! Winds and waves made it difficult to get out in the boat but we dared it on Wednesday for a short tour up and down the shore. The temps were good though and it has been great to be able to look out the window at the Copano Bay, watch the gulls, pelicans and other fishermen. The other neighbor caught a sting ray but not sure they ate it. Apparently, there is a portion of the 'wing' that is quite delicious when cut out of the ray – I won't be trying it real soon!

Before we left on Thursday morning, we managed to take time to get a few casts in but the water was real murky due to the wave action and extremely windy for casting but we did it anyway! No fish action but at least we got the lines wet!

Our drive up to Chanute Kansas was pretty quiet until we got to Austin Tx. It's the first major city that has traffic lights on the bypass route – kinda defeats the purpose of a bypass isn't it! The traffic was horrendous on the bypass and north of Austin to Georgetown which was our first night at a WalMart. Unfortunately, I had to set up the TV dish in the rain – not fun! Our next night was in Guthrie Oklahoma. Moocho construction to improve the highways through this state – and they desperately need it! Again, setting up in the rain! Saturday was a beautiful day of sunshine into Kansas and we arrived in Chanute around lunch time and set up was not in the rain – yaaaah!

Lots of other NuWa units in the park here – some going in for service and some going on the plant tour and some just passing through. Great city park, first 48 hours free and then $10 per night after that for electricity and water hook ups. The dump station is on the way out. Can't beat it!

Long time Rving friends John & Kay arrived on Tuesday – again lots to talk about and listening to each others adventures. After a full day of chatting, no one wanted to cook and being LEOs (Let Eat Out) we went looking for a restaurant! Not many here in Chanute but we found the Main Street Family restaurant (a smoke free restaurant) downtown and had a great dinner.

Wednesday we took our home in for service along with two other units that were parked on either side of us, for our 7AM appointment – yes, 7AM! We were back at the park by lunch and the bill was less than estimate – even with additional work done! Again, we are pleased with the service of NuWa. The rest of our week is just sitting anticipating our trip north to Ontario. We plan to be in Ingersol by May 3 and this will be our last blog update until we get set up there.

Until then, be well and safe....


  1. wow u guys are busy ,,will see u on the 6th for chinese in london then,, ifn ur in g.p. on the 3rd or 4th ..hope so ..ok enough about us ,,hehe,, we will get together soon and maybe u can come for lunch,,supper on the weekend of that week ..cu soon huggss

  2. Glad to hear you are finally on the move. I was thinking you might be permanent in Rockport. We have been home just over a month now and it feels like we never left.
    See you round the bend.

    P & C