Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
Hello again and we hope y'all had a happy Easter. March went out like a lamb here and Aprils fools day did not go by unnoticed! Barb loves to try to play an April Fool on me and she exclaimed that there was a flat tire on the truck! Of course, I was expecting something since she hasn't missed a year yet, so I didn't believe her! The stories on Barb's April fools day tricks is for another time and after a couple of 'pops'!

Well, we finally finished the varnishing and both the stool tops and the table look great. Being a weekend, we did not go kayaking – we leave the bay for the working plebes so they can buzz around in their jet skis and speedboats, don't like getting swamped! We also finished caulking the rig and it looks pretty good even if we do say so ourselves! Now to let it cure a couple of days and then wash and wax the beast!

The campground owners, Dawn & David invited us to their family Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning and a BBQ lunch after. The kids are the same here as at home – all excited to get at the hunt but not patient enough to find all the treats. Soon some of the adults – or maybe that was their plan – were out in the yard helping find more hidden gems! The burgers were excellent and the occasion a good time! We have rated this CG a 4 of 5 but sometimes it touches on 4.5! Now if they had a free laundry service and someone to come in and clean the rig – now we're talking a 5!

Monday is a 2 mile walk day then Barb got busy and made 4 new quilted place mats for the table! I started the washing and waxing and got the front and bedroom slide done – yes, washed and waxed! We plan on taking a trip to Padre Island this week so the truck needed a good cleaning too!

Until next time, keep well out there....

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  1. well never a dull or unbusy??day ,ok not to much to add to ur daily grind ,,hope all are well,,and take care of the things that go bump in the night huggs and kisses ,,from dianne that one hehe