Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
Mar 24 – We did our walk today but the weather was threatening but according to the weatherman, rain was not expected until late afternoon. On our way out, the smart one in the group – and you all know who that is – suggested we take our rain ponchos just in case. Boy, was she right on! Half way around our route, the rain came in from the gulf and started to soak us. Thank goodness one of us can see the future!

Barb continues to work on her quilting project, her Shirett rug crocheting, beading and now the graphics on the stools! Every time I feel like getting something started, I sit down until the feeling goes away! It's a good thing one of us is energetic! I finally started re-caulking the seams on the rig. The tough job is the cleaning off of the old caulk and prepping the seam for the new. Once that is done and the tape applied, the actual caulking takes no time at all! I had instruction from a friend/RV tech (that's you Robbie) on how to apply the silicone but I'm not good enough so we use painters tape to help make smooth edges! On Friday, Barb didn't have enough to do so she came out and helped me apply some of the tape.

Saturday was a day off for both of us. We traveled over to Goliad for the 1836 Battle of Coleto Re-enactment during the Texas Revolution against Santa Ana and Mexico. Have I mentioned how flat it is here? Well, let me mention it again – the highest point around here is an overpass!

On our way up highway 77 toward Goliad, we stopped to get a few pictures of another Caracara. We showed them in our Feb 15th posting but did not provide an information link. We saw these on our way to Goliad the last time but didn't stop. They are apparently the raptors of the vulture family. When they approach a carcass, the other vultures leave quickly!

It was an awesome day starting with a tour of the Presidio with the Spanish troups camping out within the walls of the fort and the Texan army camped out in the fields outside the fort. The tents, equipment and the uniforms and dress of all the re-enactors were all authentic to the era. An army of 60 soldiers came down from Alabama to 'play' in the re-enactment. Their 'costumes' were hand made and the reds were dyed from the redness of the Tennessee River. We took our picnic lunch and sat alongside the battle field and watched exchanges of muscat fire, cannons and sword fighting. It sure was worth the one hour drive.

On Sunday we continued with our projects of caulking and quilting and spent a quiet day. We took our 2 mile (3.2Kms) walk on Monday then decided it was time to refinish the dining table since I had to varnish the new stool tops! So out doors with the table and get the portable sander primed up and scratch off the old finish - which was not too difficult as the table top finish was in bad shape anyway! We're utilizing this great weather and able to put two coats of varnish on each day and we're almost finished the trailer caulking. In all this, we even got another boat ride in through the canals of Key Allegro.

I hope you noticed that some text is highlighted as it is a click-able link for more information on that topic. Your comments are welcome too.

Hope all is well with you out there....

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  1. wow so busy ,,i had to lay down after reading this blog whew..great to read all about caulking ,,some of mine looks like i put it on with a big floor broom hehe,, hope all is well and will see u guys when u get back to ont.. ttyl and gr8 big hugs to u and the dalys when u see them luv from both of us..