Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

It’s Getting too Cold Here

Well, it won’t be long before our sights will be set on the trip south. If you haven’t heard, Terri, our daughter has been promoted to Partner in her accounting firm. This is an unusual move for a non-accountant individual and an honor. To celebrate, she invited about 120 people to her house to help her celebrate breaking the glass ceiling! Of course, mom & dad were invited so we packed a bag for an over-nighter!

They do throw a great party and here are some pictures:

1610115 Oct 22 Cheers From Terry1610117 Oct 22 Nancy Stavros Arrive1610121 Oct 22 Christines Cupcake Tree1610130 Oct 22 Terri And Her Mom1610132 Oct 22 Mark Tamara Terri Barb Diane Sherry Mike

1610124 Oct 22 Look Of Successful Partner

1610144 Oct 25 Barbs PaintingBarb took a painting class and the neatness 1610142 Oct 25 Barbs Paint Tablewas it was in a pub in Port Colborne! How good is that plan? Barb takes a class and I sat and watched sports or read and sipped a cool one or two. Now that is what I called a civilized paint class!




1611035 Nov 26 All Around The Table For Advent


The next grand event was our family Christmas dinner. It was held at the end of November and we all gathered at Dawn’s – our middle daughter in Napanee Ontario. To avoid the long drive back to Fort Erie after a huge meal, we took a B&B in Belleville. This was the same one we used when we were here to visit Dawn while she was in the hospital for a few days. Terri & Mark shared the B&B suite with us so the party continued after we left Dawn’s.



Sunday, we arrived back in Fort Erie and started packing the truck, organizing the house and emptying the fridge for the trip south. Our plan was to leave early but not by the alarm, just go when we were ready. Our plan for the first day was to get somewhere north of Nashville so the wee hours were not necessary. The border cr1611071 Nov 28 View Of Frost In Ellicottvilleossing was smooth and we were on our way. Stops for nature and fuel was the only plan. Things change as we got to I65 at Louisville, the weather was threatening and by the time we were just north of Bowling Green, it was getting bad. Strong cross winds and driving rain brought traffic to a stop on the Interstate and that is dangerous but drivers were pulling over but since they could not see the road markings, they didn’t know if they were off the road or not. The driver in our right lane was gradually moving into our lane and they were not aware. I carefully moved behind a big rig in the outside lane and followed his taillights. Being up high, he could see over the road spray and could see the road markings – at least that was my theory. Anyway, soon we were through the storm and decided 1611076 Nov 29 Arriving In Alabamaenough was enough, let’s find a motel so we pulled over at White House Tn and stayed the night. The next day, we had clear and sunny weather for the remainder of our drive. We pulled into our site just after 6, put groceries away and settled in to relax for the rest of the evening.

The rig was in great shape, no musty smell or dampness – I guess we prepared better this time. Bill was our caretaker and he said the dehumidifier was running every time he was in checking on it.



I hope all is good where you are……

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  1. well hello thought I missed some posts,, but nope just catching up ...ok nice to know you guys are safe and tucked in .. have a great winter in L.A. hope to hear from you guys in the future ..huggs