Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Alive and Well in Alabama….

If you have been wondering what and where we are, so am I! It has been sooo long since I have updated our blog that I can almost remember what to do….

Here it goes…. the last blog showed us entering the north end of Alabama and we arrived here at the Plantation around dinner time that day. We stopped to pick up some groceries for a few days and Bill had started the fridge so it would be cold on 1612003 Dec 01 Getting Ready To Check Outour arrival. We were on a bit of a time constraint coming down because the quilt ladies were going on a shop hop for fabric and other quilt supplies 2 days after we landed. We left a day lee way in case we had problems on the trip down, so Barb had a day to recuperate so she was fresh to shop! It is good to be back – we do miss our little house but we also miss the fun, the activities and the friends we have here so it is a trade off. The day off kind of disappeared – we hit the road running and we haven’t stopped since. There is nothing wrong with that – we like to be busy.

1612006 Dec 03 Terry Up On RoofOne of the ‘jobs’ that has to be done when we get here is attending to the rig. It survived better this summer as we prepped it better when we left in the spring – charcoal in pans, cat litter top absorb moisture and odors and the dehumidifier running to help reduce the humidity. We made  it much easier for Bill then we did for Ron.  Thanks for a job well done Bill.  1612005 Dec 03 Look At The Sago SizeThis made less clean up inside than we had the previous year. But the outside takes a beating – the humid weather along with the deathly sun, the outside looked terrible but nothing that soap, water and elbow grease can’t fix. You may notice in the pictures, how big the sago palms are getting…. when we took this site, the lower fronds were on the deck!


1612007 Dec 05 Barb Decorating For ChristmasNow that we’re all clean inside and out, it is time to set up for Christmas. We have hung the outdoor lights and now we decorate inside. All without our customary rum & eggnogs – we overlooked the eggnog the last time we were out shopping.

1612018 Dec 09 Betty Jerry Taber Thank You Dinner


We have new neighbors and friends on the row here, Jerry & Betty have finally got their site. To thank everyone for all the help to get them moved from one site to this one, they kindly took us out to Big Daddy’s for lunch! That was very generous of them and of course we welcomed them to the street!

1612027 Dec 11 Hank Sandy Chuck Kelli Barb Stacy DallasStacy, our neighbor turned 75 and wanted a few of us to go with her to McSharry’s Irish pub – who am I to say no – so before long, she had 15 other neighbors and the p a r t a e was on! Soon, with the dinner served and the beer cold, Stacy was on the floor – almost the table – doing the jig to the live Irish band playing in the corner. It was a fun time. I’m sure I may have said this once before, but I am sure there is a law somewhere the prohibits us oldies from having this much fun! If there isn’t, I’m sure we’ll be taxed some how….1612036 Dec 14 All The Ladies In The Room

The ladies of the park all go to a luncheon once a month at a predetermined restaurant. Usually, about 40 ladies attend and all have a good time. The men are not that well organized but we manage to find our way to some watering hole to keep ourselves fed.


This little excerpt takes us to the middle of December. Here is a picture of the front of our site and an azalea bloom on one of our plants in the back. I will post more soon if you dare to come back or have not fallen asleep from boredom!

1612038 Dec 16 Front Of Our Site1612041 Dec 16 Azaleas In Bloom


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  1. hello there you two ..I knew you were still kicking cause we talked on the phone lol..glad you didn't miss a beat and got right back on the band wagon ...shop till you drop barb..and not a stich I mean .. ok you two fat Tuesday soon and want pics of the party ..purple is a good color ..notice the American color spelt .. ok ttyl and great big hugs..