Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

End of Summer Projects….

1609029 Sep 04 We Caught Our House SkunkNow that we have survived another birthday, it is still unbelievable that we are this old, we don’t feel it and we just keep on keep’n on! So, last posting, I hinted that we had an experience with a smelly black & white kitty. And yes, we did! Dave our neighbour came over with his live trap, baited and set it and we waited till morning to see what we caught and it was a young skunk. Dave has been catching several throughout the summer so I knew I called the right man for the job. Dave built a kind of shelter over the trap to keep the critters calm while we load and transport them to a1609049 Sep 12 Adding The Leg Supportsnother space down the lake a few miles from here! I joke that we are sharing with the rich New Yorkers that have their big homes down on the lake.

1609051 Sep 13 Barb Starting The Deck BoardsNot knowing if it was just one skunk or a family, we set the trap again but only caught a possum after a couple of nights so making the leap that we are done with other critters under the house so time to fix this issue. I know that it is late now to put chicken wire around the front of the house but better late than never and having to do this again. Barb & I pulled the skirting 1609065 Sep 16 Our New Porch From West Sideoff the front and sides so we could fit the wire under so the critters can’t dig their way in again. Once we finished that, we started to finish the front deck. We placed chicken wire around it to discourage them from digging there too. We didn’t work hard, just steady and before too long, we were done. Facias on and gravel laid, now for the rocking chair and a beverage and watch the world go by. We also started the edging finish of river rock up the side to match the other side.


1609044 Sep 10 Barb Putting Holding Up EavesThe south side of the garage needed an eaves trough so we put that up too. The garden at the back corner of the garage gets flooded after a steady rain so we connected the down spout into the sump tile that we have around the house to get rid of the rain water.

We had a busy couple of weeks socially. Randy & Norma came by for some much needed fast track, lunch and more fun times. John & Di came in for the weekend, some fast track, rummy stix and lots of laughs and fun times. 1609075 Sep 16 Barb Hits A Great Shot


But all this was not without some play time, a couple of shows, some golf and just being together keeps us happy. Barb’s painting is getting better each time she puts the brush to the canvas and my wood turning is improving too every time I go to the shop to make wood chips! The upcoming months will keep us focused on our family Christmas at the end of November and then our drive down to the Plantation for our winter excitement.




1609077 Sep 18 Terrys First Cedar Bowl OutsideMountain sceneMountain scene Sept 19 2016

Come back again and hope all is good out there with you…..


  1. nice post busy as always ..ok just to say I still read it .. ttyl and safe travels south ..

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR ..Dianne and john