Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

The End of Our Winter….

1604034 Apr 04 Hey You Looking At Me Turtle



In our last post, many snowbirds are talking about head’n 1604038 Apr 04 Another Selfie On Waternorth and we’re no exception. So little time left and so much to do before we actually point the truck north. There is more golf, kayaking, dining, quilting, rig maintenance so it will endure the harsh summer sun and heat and all round trying to stay out of trouble at happy hour!


1604051 Apr 07 LOTR Quilt Finished





Barb is busy working on a quilt top for our bed back at the house. It is the Lord of the Rings theme that she has been working on for a couple of years. She took up this challenge with an online work group and enjoyed building the blocks. Another excellent job done and it looks great on our bed.



Barb managed to get all her stuff done, items packed to come 1604175 Apr 22 Entering Cincinnati In Eveninghome, sewing put away one last time and I finished the rig maintenance. Lunches had, one last happy hour and good-bye hugs given and the final time arrives where we climb into the truck early Friday morning to get as far north as we can before we call it a day. We managed to get to Pickerington, OH for the night, got checked in and out to dinner. After a long day, we slept great!


On Saturday, 1604182 Apr 23 Lupper At The Brewerywe were back on the road, heading for Ellictoville, NY to visit with Terri, Mark and Sandra, Mark’s mom.

We head out Sunday after breakfast for the house – kinda anxious to see how well it wintered this year with the weather being so mild 1604186 Apr 24 Home And Trees Are Goneback here. Dave, our care taker had been in before we got home and had the house open for us which was a nice welcome back.


Once we were unpacked and the dust settled, we looked around and all was good. The city’s Ash trees have been decimated by the Emerald Ash Borer and the city is taking them down1604196 Apr 29 Branches All Removed - all the trees around our little place are all Ash trees and half of them are already gone. Our street looks so much different. This is the main discussion amoung the neighbors, some neutral, some happy and others not so.


Mail, doctors appointments, getting stuff done around the house and just settling in are the main activities for the short term. We plan on some outdoor projects but right now we are just chill’n. Hope all is good where you are and come back again….

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  1. nice to have you back ..sounds like the trip was good ..hope to see you guys ..tried to phone the number we have ,but got only busy signal..will try again and hope to get in touch soon..be well and ttyl soon hugs.